Divine Japanese knits

I’m going nutty with my passion for Japanese fashion.

eternal sprout designs

I’m going a bit overboard on Japanese fashion, but one look at these divine knits will explain why.  They are by a company called everlasting sprout, and Japan’s Keiichi Muramatsu and Noriko Seki are  the designers behind the company.  The Bunka Fashion College grads showed their fall 2010 collection at Japan Fashion week and the designers are getting lots of praise and attention. 

But go back a few years and you’ll find even more exciting treats, such as these exquisitely crafted pastel bustiers (tail optional), shown above.  You could wear this bustier over a thin blouse or T shirt, and the netting beneath the skirt makes the outfit easier to wear.

Japanese fashion designers Keiichi Muramatsu and Noriko Seki, both born in 1981, graduated from Tokyo’s famed Bunka Fukusou Gakuin where they took the Knit Design Course. Seki went to work as a freelance designer in Tokyo, while Muramatsu sought his way abroad as an assistant designer at a yarn company  in Florence, Italy.

In 2005, the two founded the Tokyo based label everlasting sprout. They presented their first collection at Japan Fashion Week S/S 2005.

The two designers create very complicated  knitwear and also work as costume designers and knitwear consultants. Mass-producing knitwear is notoriously difficult. This makes everlasting sprout creations extremely unique. They go as far as spending a week on a single garment.  These designs truly do elevate knitting into works of art.

5 responses to “Divine Japanese knits

  1. Wow! These are just adorable! And what beautiful pictures.

  2. Amanda, I know. The styling is exquisite and the bustiers are such an original concept for knits. They are far more wearable than you would think, not just for parties.

  3. The pictures are beautiful, and the knits totally unique.

  4. How about a nice Aran?

  5. You are a very unusual blogger.

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