Boris on the grassy knoll

We are being short changed.  The Mayor’s jokes at City Hall should be preserved for posterity.

More exciting You Tube videos from our intransigent Mayor!  No nothing to do with the Kennedy shooting, this is a much happier and more optimistic occasion.

One word of criticism to whoever is the directorial mastermind behind these snippets.  We need to see more of Boris.  Boris is quite possibly the most arresting and engaging orator for decades.  You are wasting his massive acting talents and oratorial skills by making these so short.

Another suggestion for the creative auteur.  I have attended Mayor’s Question Time several times and Boris is often so amusing, I dissolve into huge fits of the giggles.  I notice that many of the Mayor’s best jokes are cut from the formal City Hall video of the meeting.  For some strange reason, all they film are the boring bits, you know, the policy.  (just kidding).  Why not film Boris’s witticisms and put them on You Tube?  Boris comes out with some absolutely amazing off the cuff jokes and phrases, and these will perish if they are not preserved for posterity.  My suggestion is not a frivolous one.  Life is often painful and miserable.  We need to cherish the special bits, and Boris’s jokes are part of that. Under the humour, he also talks amazing good sense; there are huge nuggets of truth contained in all Boris’s jokes, truths that we need to ponder.

5 responses to “Boris on the grassy knoll

  1. Right on! We could do with all the jokes we can get hold of, particularly at the moment.

  2. Yes. Humour is a valuable part of life.

  3. I’m checking this out regularly from now on.

  4. This is a useful idea.

  5. I agree, we need to hear all the jokes that Boris makes.

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