Boris and Gordan are polar opposites

The two politicians are like day and night.

Recently it occurred to me that Boris Johnson and Gordon Brown are absolute opposites in every way you can think of.   They are day and night, unlike Gordon and Tony Blair, who ideologically are really so alike they are like night, and well, later that night.

Boris is unfailingly optimistic and positive, always looking for the best in every situation. One of his most inspiring speeches was all about stop moaning about the recession and think what you can do to utilise the situation.   Gordon is downright miserable, negative, a moaner, and a total pessimist, quite happy to have thousands living sterile lives on benefits, if it means they will vote for him, just like he is happy to keep people in sub-standard housing, if it means they can form pockets of resistance to vote for him. Boris believes in being entrepreneurial, making the best of your talents, never standing still and never giving up.

Boris can laugh at himself, and take a joke, while Gordon bridles at any criticism, glares furiously at any joke directed at him, and is paranoid about betrayal.

Boris believes in free speech and if anyone disagrees with him, doesn’t mind a bit.  Gordon is surrounded by heavies, whose job it is to exact obedience to his diktats.   Anyone who speaks out of turn can be sure they will lose their job sooner or later, after they have been slandered viciously  in the press.  (Alastair Darling spoke out and he said yesterday he knew he would not be returning as Chancellor after the election).

Boris is thrifty with the money of Londoners, and has done a great cost cutting job at City Hall.  Gordon has spent our money like Imelda Marcos, so much so that the economy is totally ruined. Boris is a brilliant and persuasive communicator, master of the media, with a spontaneous wit, while Gordon cannot communicate at all, gasping like a monster blowfish on camera, and scowling and gurning when interviewed.

Boris believes deeply in democracy and in protecting that democracy.  He was passionately in favour of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.  Gordon promised a referendum, then didn’t deliver.  He  has trashed our democracy (with Tony Blair, over the Iraq War, the Damien Green affair, etc).  And so the differences go on.

 Hilarious speech by the Mayor.

At the British Press Awards, Boris made a really hilarious speech, but like all his speeches, there are huge nuggets of truth beneath the mirth.  Don’t miss it, the audio link is here.  It is such a good speech, I also give the link to the written transcript.  Boris calls the UK “Brokeback Britain”, ( hilarious), accuses journalists of confiscating MP’s porn videos and stopping them cutting their wisteria and talks about Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan drunkenly trading punches…..  The speech ends elegantly with a reference to Glaucon. Glaucon believed journalists should swap jobs with politicians.  Gordon could not make a speech this clever, truthful or witty to save his life.

2 responses to “Boris and Gordan are polar opposites

  1. Lookwise too. Boris is beach boy blond with a smile on his face, Gordon’s just a great big moody baby, black hair black expression.

  2. Gordon is a pathological liar and Boris is not. Don’t forget that difference.

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