Crazy hats in Tokyo shows

Most of all I loved the hats in Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi’s mintdesigns is a respected designer label with a store in Shibuya’s celebrated Parco. Beautiful prints and patterning are major elements of this team and they often play around with quirky headgear.

Hokuto Katsui studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and Saint Martins School of Art and Design before moving back to Japan and co-founding mintdesigns with Nao Yagi and Yusuke Takeyama in July 2001

Nao Yagi graduated from Doshisha University in Fine Arts after which she attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

In 2005, the label won the 7th Moët et Chandon New Designers’ Award. mintdesigns exports internationally and recently launched a children’s line.  Their off the wall sense of style and quirky humour have struck a strong chord with the buying public in Japan, who adore original headwear and outrageous creations.  Japanese fashion is far wilder and freakier than UK fashion, think Lady Gaga.

4 responses to “Crazy hats in Tokyo shows

  1. I was thrilled to receive a response to the above post from a Japanese blogger, Ujiyasu, which I have copied and reproduce here.

    Ujiyasu says…..

    Oh!! As for it, a work name of Swedish thriller writer Stieg Larsson was connected. The fashion transcends the language barrier. The person of many countries can be concerned with one work. It brings a totally new idea and extends possibility. Thank you for information!

    Isn’t that a great comment, I loved it. Fashion truly does transcend the language barrier and links with other cultures “extend the possibilities.”

  2. I adore Japanese fashion, just because it is so weird and wonderful. I agree Lady Gaga has obviously been influenced. She wore a white crochet fascinator which was first shown in Japan.

  3. I’m not saying I would wear them, but they are cute to look at, particularly the one like a book on the model’s head. You have to enlarge the pic. to appreciate it.

  4. What the hell are these?

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