Gordon admits info to Chilcot inquiry was untrue

For the first time, Gordon Brown has admitted giving wrong facts regarding the defence budget.

Today, Gordon Brown admitted that the information he gave the Chilcot Inquiry about the defence budget rising every year was untrue.  He intends to write to the Chilcot Inquiry to rectify his statement.

After his appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry, Gordon Brown was challenged by army chiefs about the veracity of this statement.  David Cameron is stunned that Gordon has come right out and admitted he was wrong.  Probably there is just too much overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It was a dreadful thing to misinform the Inquiry, but even worse to insult the families of the fallen soldiers by misleading them in this way.

Ex Prime Minister Sir John Major launched a stinging attack on the PM on this issue, accusing him of conduct unbecoming and David Cameron has repeatedly questioned Gordon, accusing him of betraying our troops, without getting any admission whatsoever.  Huge criticism has been levelled at Mr. Brown from the families of wounded and fallen solders, because he denied them the proper equipment, resulting in loss of life.

One response to “Gordon admits info to Chilcot inquiry was untrue

  1. An absolute disgrace. About time he did admit to it.

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