The Sam Cam bounce

Shy SamCam proves a hit.

Samantha Cameron is getting the credit from her husband after an Opinium survey gave the Tories a bigger lead of 11 points – the first time they have had a 2 figure lead in more than a month. The ICM poll put the Tories 9 points ahead.

In a Trevor McDonald special, screened on Sunday night, SamCam talked about her husband and why she supported him, her main reasons being he is “very strong” and a “fantastic Dad”.  After a wobbly few weeks, this surge will bring hope, but no-one is taking anything for granted.

2 responses to “The Sam Cam bounce

  1. I never believed it that the Tories were that far down in the polls anyway. Someone was doing a bit of fixing if you ask me.

  2. Sarah Brown has no chance against Samantha Cameron. Samantha is younger, prettier, but most important of all, far more natural. There is something strange about Sarah Brown, well there would be, she fancied Gordon.

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