Making a Buzz

Designer resourcefully makes dress from mosquito nets to promote message that these nets fight malaria.

This dress, modelled by Kate Moss, will never be seen in the shops or on the catwalks.  It is made by William Tempest for Sport Relief’s 2010 campaign to tackle malaria.  Every five seconds, a child dies from malaria, and insecticide treated malaria nets are the most cost effective way of preventing the disease spreading.Made in panels and sculptured and corsetted into mosaic shapes to fit Kate’s lovely form, in Tempest’s signature style, in mouthwatering shades of eau de nil, turquoise and pale green, the specially dyed synthetic mosquito net, is transformed into a dress fit for a goddess.  No garment has ever suited Kate so well, and she flaunted it proudly, delighted to do her bit to send out the serious message that mosquito nets help protect from potentially fatal malaria bites.

A donation of just £5 will buy one mosquito net and the dress is to be auctioned to help the good cause.

3 responses to “Making a Buzz

  1. She looks stunning. I love these designs that involve recycling.

  2. So do I. She hasn’t always looked good lately, but in this, wow, she looks fantastic, the colours so suit her.

  3. Hey, if it promotes a good cause…..

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