Bring back Latin says Boris


Oedipus by Ingres

Boris weeps with anger at the utter ignorance of Ed Balls.


Boris Johnson is so well known for his placid, good natured temperament that it has to be something pretty special to make him blow his stack.  The man who has made him flip his lid is Ed Balls, a man so ignorant, he makes Michael Gove look like an absolute genius.

Ed Balls, as Boris says in today’s Daily Telegraph with heavy sarcasm, is nominally in charge of education, science, scholarship and learning, and Ed does not believe that Latin should be on school curriculums because he does not believe it could inspire or motivate pupils. I learnt Latin, only to ‘O’ Level standard I am sad to say, and I found it a truly beautiful experience.  There is a pure logic and symmetry to Latin that I have found in no other subject, and I deeply regret not having had the opportunity to learn more. As you may notice from this blog, I find classical history very inspiring and love to quote  examples to enliven my blog.

If he had not received a classical education, our Mayor could not produce the peerless prose of exquisite wit and grace that he churns out with such effortless ease that our jaws clank like portcullises in admiration.  He would not be able to analyse the most difficult problem from every angle with the skill of a forensic surgeon and produce a brilliantly argued solution in the twinkling of an eye and he would not be able to run intellectual rings round the Labour members of the London Assembly so effortlessly when they have managed to get up his nose. Boris without a classical education would mentally undoubtedly still be pretty hot stuff, but that classical education has elevated him to the intellectual level of a superhero and his fans can only marvel at his brains.

Boris quite rightly describes Ed Balls as an intergalactic ass, and may I add my own descriptions.  Mr. Balls is a dunce, a peasant, a blockhead and an idiot of first class proportions.   The fact that this yob is Secretary of State for Education is a tragedy to rival that of Oedipus for the nation.  One of the Mayor’s most telling points is that the Labour government is actively trying to restrict the learning of Latin to the bourgeoisie, which is in itself an act of social injustice.

Oedipus was warned fifteen years before he became King of Thebes by the Oracle of Delphi, that he would murder his father and marry his mother.  To avoid this fate, he gouged out his own eyes and accepted banishment. In Ancient Greece, the punishment of banishment was considered to be a fate worse than death, and we can only pray that soon the whole Labour government, including the pig ignorant Ed Balls,  will justly suffer this fate.

10 responses to “Bring back Latin says Boris

  1. The greatest things of todays world can derive from Greek and Roman history. Democracy by the Athenians, Republic by the Romans. The most well known religion of todays world, Christianity, had been the main religion of the Roman Empire. I am currently studying Latin, and it is a beautiful and wonderful experience. Thank you for posting this, I believe that Latin should be a requirement in school. It would be nice if it became the universal language instead of English.

  2. How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

  3. Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  4. Anyway, look at the movies on classical history that have been popular. That film about the Spartans, 300, was a huge hit.

    Now they are bringing one out starring Liam Neeson, I think it is about the Minotaur. There are the most tremendous stories in classical history and Boris is right, they have so much to teach us.

  5. Ed Balls is a total ignoramus.


  7. I loved Latin and Greek and Roman history are inspiring.

  8. Learning Latin disciplines your thinking.

  9. My only worry over this is that so many university students who have Arts degrees can’t get jobs for love nor money.

    Learning Latin will undoubtedly enrich students’ lives, but will it help them get a job?

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