The power of prayer

In the Buddhist religion, the white lotus grows from mud (representing ignorance) into the sunlight (representing enlightenment).

Last year Boris Johnson, our Mayor, urged everyone to pray together on National Prayer Day.  At the time, he also said, causing some controversy, that he believed it would be a good idea for people of different religions to pray together.

Spontaneously, a huge movement began on twitter to echo the thoughts of the Mayor.  A massive positive energy built up as spiritual thoughts were tweeted and retweeted from different countries and religions, all praying for the peace of the world.  Recently, a man believed to be in a vegetative state was found to be able to communicate using his brain waves. (report here).

The power of the mind is very strong, and from personal experience I know how calming and strengthening prayer and meditation can be.  To calm panic states – at one time, going through a difficult time, as we all do – I used to repeat a mantra, “Dear God please help me through this day, dear God please help me through this day”.  From this mantra, every single time, I would feel renewed strength flowing through me and the panic would subside.

Nowadays our leaders don’t often pay much attention to the spiritual side of life. But in times of pain, loss, stress and fear, our only hope is to access this side of ourselves.  It is the only way we can cope.  Then, when peace comes, it only seems fair to say thanks, even if you are not sure who you are talking to.   I hope that Boris continues to support National Prayer Day and praying with other religious denominations, and the Mayor’s acknowledgement of the spiritual side of life for me is one of the successes of his Mayoralty. 

3 responses to “The power of prayer

  1. It is great to hear from you. Ascot is so lovely in the spring, I am so glad you had an enjoyable time. Keep in touch, warmest regards.

    ps. I am a huge fan of our Mayor.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my site. You have a very nice site and from your writing of Boris, I’m sure I would be a fan too.

    Last May I spent nine days at the Borough of Windsor in Ascot, it was lovely; and May of 2005 and May of 1989. I love England in the spring.

  3. Thank you! So true – and so helpful.

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