Sam v. Sarah in the war of the wives

The talented and creative artist versus the tough PR pro.

Samantha Cameron has gamely said she intends to get out and fight at the side of her husband in the coming election, and since Sarah Brown has been masterminding her husband’s image for months, this is being turned into the War of the Wives.

The style of the two ladies could not be more different,  According to the Independent, Sarah set her cap at Gordon 18 months before they started dating, keeping a file of press clippings as PR people do. On Samantha, the Independent reported that Dave fell for her first, and he wanted to marry the shy Bohemian art student within a year of meeting her.

There is a hugely important difference between the two.  Sarah Brown is a tough, seasoned PR professional, presenting a carefully crafted image of herself and of Gordon Brown. Samantha Cameron is unskilled in PR, and probably quite shy, but in spite of that, she wants to get out and help her husband.

Fashionwise, the war is already won and it is no contest.  Sam Cam is a designer, she has natural talent.  She  also has tremendous fashion flair, a terrific eye for what suits her and the ability to make chain store outfits look like a million dollars. Her outfit at the last Tory Party conference suited her perfectly and won much praise. The small tattoo, the way she wears jeans, her imagination, all make her look unique, she is the most stylish political wife in the world. (She beat Carla Bruni to second place in the Tatler poll).

Sarah Brown has struggled to find the right look at times,  but has recently vastly improved her image.  She has lost tons of weight, she wears good colours. Sometimes though, she seems to be trying too hard and looks overdressed and no way does she have her own look like Sam Cam has hers.

Sarah Brown has embarked on a charm offensive, cultivating show bizzy celebrity friends such as Piers Morgan, Naomi Campbell, Tess Daly and Davina McCall.  She has also worked hard at building up her following on twitter, to a massive following of over 700,000.  The quieter and less forceful Sam has mostly shunned the limelight, sticking to her own circle of friends, her career and being a wife and mother, a much more low key approach.  Sarah’s hard sell strategy is beginning to jar.

I have read that some journalists believe that Sarah Brown will have the upper hand because she is a PR professional, but I have to disagree.  The public is savvy enough to know the difference between a PR offensive and an approach which is more natural and spontaneous.  Samantha Cameron comes over as genuine and sweet, whereas under the polished exterior, Sarah Brown is still an enigmatic and unknown quantity. Even if Mrs. Cameron does make the odd slip, which she probably will, she seems to have the ability to win hearts. 

3 responses to “Sam v. Sarah in the war of the wives

  1. Sarah Brown seems very hard to me, and all that social climbing is off putting.

  2. I agree. As a PR, she is selling Brand Gordon, and that has to be the most tainted brand you can buy.

  3. What is the point of dragging in the wives? This is all getting too American.

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