Greece and the euro

20 drachma coin showing head of Pericles.

In his Daily Telegraph article this morning, Boris says “Thank God we stayed out of the Euro”.  He bemoans the loss of the drachma and debates the economic fate of Greece, because they succumbed to the lure of the euro.  The issue of whether other countries should bale out Greece is clearly set out.  Greece has handed in her economic freedom for the sake of national prestige, says the Mayor.

His article is exciting much controversy in the comments section of the Telegraph, and gladatorial debates to the death are taking place as to whether Boris is right or wrong.  Should he have credited Gordon Brown?  Have the gnomes of Zurich pulled a fast one?  Are we in a worse position than Greece ourselves?  The jury is out. As ever, Boris knows what he thinks.  He always has a firm position on every issue that has nothing whatsoever to do with spin or PR and he expresses his views so strongly, his meaning is clear as crystal.

David Frost of the British Chamber of Commerce has just said on SKY tv that the next government had better get a grip on the economy, because we are heading for a double dip recession.  They are extremely worried.  Whatever happens, we can be sure of one thing.  Gordon Brown will refuse to take any responsibility for any failings whatsoever.  It will not be his fault, he is without sin, and he has brought us unparallelled economic stability.  The double dip recession will be Cameron’s fault.  Or any mug he can dump the blame on.

2 responses to “Greece and the euro

  1. It is better that we are not tied to a weak currency like the euro. I agree with Boris.

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