Super Boris boosts British industry

He flew to Davos today to address the annual World Economic Forum, promoting London as a world beating industry and  stressing the importance of the City.

In  two days, Boris has an absolutely jam packed schedule,  speaking to investors and business leaders, attending a minimum of 10 meetings.  His huge vigour and energy are employed in driving home the tremendous opportunities that the capital has to offer.

The full details of Boris’s trip are laid out in his press release.  On Friday,  it was the turn of David Cameron to address the WEF and his full speech is given here.  The subject of this keynote speech was restoring Britain’s economic reputation. Mr. Cameron praised Boris for flying economy, and he made no mention of Lord Mandelson’s first class ticket. (Boris and Lord M. were on the same flight).

Boris made this tweet from Davos on his twitter site, @MayorOfLondon. ” Just urged the punters to befriend a banker in order to hug a hoodie.  They have got to come to the table to help society.”  This seems much more constructive than shrinking the financial sector. As a result of this appeal, two major banks are making substantial donations to the Mayor’s Fund.  Yippee!  Well done Boris, thank you to the banks, the details here.

4 responses to “Super Boris boosts British industry

  1. Great donations from the two international banks for the Mayor’s Fund.

  2. This is what Boris does best, promoting British industry.

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  4. Well done Boris.

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