Jamie Oliver gets upset

 See part of the offending video here. 

Crusading in West Virginia for healthy eating, Jamie Oliver came up against such an intractable wall of flab, that he was reduced to tears. The brazen, tubby attitude seemed to be they are obese and that is the way they like it, and who the hell is he to tell them what to do? The West Virginians did not take kindly to being lectured, and the stroppy little chubsters pretty well told him to stick his low cal recipes where the sun don’t shine, they preferred to stay as they are. (report here).

They also might be smart enough to know that it is the sort of programme that involves a lot of filming of their huge backsides, ginormous breasts, man boobs and massive double chins.  These programmes do involve a lot of ridicule.

I don’t want to be mean, but when I listen to the way Jamie mangles the English language, I want to cry. The way he doesn’t pronounce the letter “t” as in beweey, (beauty) , or “th” (favver), or finish words,  (“proper” instead of “properly”) is intensely irritating.  His grammar and pronunciation are just appalling and he also swears, not exactly a good example for the young.  If I told Jamie that, would he change?  He seems to think it is modern and edgy, so probably not.

On the other hand, preaching is never a good idea.  Years ago, mums were handing their kids pies through the railings and Boris came out and said “Why shouldn’t they eat pies if they want to?” He has a point.  It is never a good idea to shove your opinion down someone’s throat, because it causes huge resentment.  Much better to use persuasive skills and coax people round to your way of thinking.

In Jamie’s present fragile state, we better not mention Boris’s breakfast menu, which includes cold spaghetti and lamb chops. ( In Jamie’s kitchen, the shock at this revelation would be so great, rats would be hanging themselves.)   Jamie is well intentioned, but he is tactless, which can be hurtful.  Once, when mums argued with his way of cooking, he called them “tarts and scrubbers”.  It’s not exactly a winning attitude.   If he really believes in what he is preaching, better cut the abuse and hurtful pictures of wobbling fat, and make his point in a gentler way.

The latest reports from West Virginia say that the people of Huntingdon did not like Jamie’s approach and felt they were being ridiculed. See part of the offending video above and it is so rude, I am surprised they did not kebab him with a six foot metal skewer.   Oh God!  Jamie’s first words are “Everyone can do be-uh! (better!)

5 responses to “Jamie Oliver gets upset

  1. I like Jamie’s recipes, but it’s true, he isn’t tactful.

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  3. Jamie Oliver has an overinflated idea of his own importance and it is about time someone stamped on him hard.

  4. It is obviously quite deliberate to make funof the fatties and humiliate them.


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