Blade Runner -a vision of the future

When the film “Blade Runner” first appeared in 1982, the reception from the critics was not exactly enthusiastic. The film was a box office failure and polarised the critics. However, Ridley Scott’s film slowly became a huge cult success and accepted for the masterpiece that it is.

It was the dark, dystopian futuristic view of Los Angeles that fascinated viewers while it repelled. The city is claustrophic, crammed with many races, as genetically engineered replicants flee from police assassins known as “blade runners”. It is the job of these blade runners to hunt down and “retire” any replicants they can catch. The main character, Rick Deckard, (Harrison Ford) is a semi-retired blade runner and he is brought back for one last case.

The film presents a dark, brutal vision of the world, exuding danger, pain and emotional alienation.  On SKY news, as I write, the first robot girl friend made in the US.  It can be programmed to have a personality.  Is Blade Runner a vision of the world to come?

What visions presented in Blade Runner have come true?   Read the link here.

9 responses to “Blade Runner -a vision of the future

  1. I loved this film, when I first saw it. Now I see it is about emotional alienation. With the increase in modern technology, robots, no emphasis on feelings anymore, our feelings are becoming brutalised.

  2. The best sci fi film ever. It’s true, unbelievably it was panned when it first came out.

  3. It was announced on SKY news yesterday that in the US, they have just invented the first robot doll. Apparently you can programme the doll to have a personality.

  4. From Leon Greenwell.
    I love ‘Bladerunner’, the name itself apparently a suggestion of William S Burroughs. Have you noticed that the whole Tottenham Court Rd, St Giles Circus, milieu, now resembles a set from it?

    But then I *have* attacked starships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, and watched moon-beams at play on the Tannhauser Gate!

  5. Leon, loved your comment. It got lost because somehow I raised 2 files on this topic, so I am reproducing your remarks here.

  6. It is a sign of Ridley Scott’s genius how truly prescient this film was. I remember being fascinated and intrigued when I first saw it, but it was panned and sneered at. Slowly, slowly it became a cult hit, and now is recognised for the masterpiece it is.

  7. Amazing film. The technology is incredible.


  9. Ich merke gerade in diesem Moment dass ich deutlich öfter aufrufen sollte 😉 – da komme ich wirklich auf geniale Ideen

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