Aspects of love

Hope by Gustav Klimt

The Sunday Times News Review ran an article  “Pretty Baby” by Nathalie Walters, over the weekend and she wrote “It’s all casual sex now.  Nobody talks about love, that’s all dead”.   In the film “Blade Runner”, Ridley Scott portrayed a claustrophic world, full of emotional alienation.

Unless a relationship is physical nowadays it is discounted, but  love has many forms.   In Ancient Greece, it was appreciated what a complicated emotion love is. There areseveral Greek words for love ,  philia, eros, agape and storge.  

In astrology too, the asteroids represent different forms of the emotion of love.  The main ones are Psyche,  Eros,  Sappho and Amor.

Psyche. In chart analysis, a prominent Psyche indicates the ability for sensitivity to the mind and feelings of another person.  This heightened awareness can produce the yearning for mystic soul mate union.   Harold Pinter and Lady Antonia Fraser.  fell in love  and had deep mental rapport.  They were both writers and unquestionably had a deep mental bond.  Lady Antonia’s book about their relationship, “Must You Go?” is due to be published shortly.

King Charles II  was renowed for his love of beautiful women.  He had many mistresses, often more than one at a time.   In a horoscope, the position of the asteroid Eros is an indicator of the capacity for passion,  sexual attraction and vital energy.  If your Eros makes links to the sexual planets in another’s chart, you will have electrifying physical attraction between you.

Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

Sappho.  The celebrated French writer, Colette,  is renowned for her writing, mostly autobiographical,  full of sensuous detail and sharp psychological insights.  Her main themes are the pain and joy of love, the beauty of nature,  and female sexuality in a male dominated world.  She had passionate relationship throughout her life with both men and women, including a couple of toy boys.   In astrology, a strongly placed Sappho indicates aesthetic refinement and romantic sensitivity.  Although Sappho can be an indicator of sexual preference, it can also indicate a sensitivity and bonding with one’s own sex.

Amor.  In a horoscope, a prominent Amor indicates a personality marked by kindnesss, goodwill and the desire to selflessly serve.  A mother’s love for her children is symptomatic of Amor.  A soldier who dies for his country, or sacrifices himself for his regiment is demonstrating Amor.  Leonard Woolf, who devoted himself to caring for his wife Virginia, protecting her so she could write, is an example of this type of love.  Amor expresses a loving kindness that is given without judgment or expectation of return, that rejoices in the good fortune of others.

We are lucky to find one aspect of love in our lives, but those that find several are blessed by the Gods.

10 responses to “Aspects of love

  1. Beautiful.

  2. @jaskooner_s @angelneptustar by love u mean committed relationship? Women don’t want it.

    Received the above comment on twitter.

  3. Developing Compassion

    Thanks for your comment; I’ve added your link!

  4. I loved your article. I absolutely agree with what you said. People are losing the ability to feel for others, but life is hard and painful. Love, as you say, is healing, and it is such a many faceted, rich, emotion. We need more. So glad to have read what you wrote, will keep in touch with your site.

  5. Eros. Oh yeah, we know all about that!

  6. Forget Valentine’s Day, that is so commercial, but there are different types of love in life, and if all that went, we would be emotionally empty.

  7. I am really surprised how popular this article has been, still getting traffic on it months later.

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  9. This is such a beautiful blog. Angel is right, people discuss casual lays and sex in all its forms without a blush, but mention love and everyone gets all tongue tied and redfaced, like you have said something unmentionable.

  10. Does anyone heard about the end of the world this year?

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