Boris levels with George

Coat of arms of the Rothschilds

Boris Johnson laid it on the line to George Osborne today about the supertax on bank bonuses.  The Mayor has red blooded, clearly thought out views on our economy and he does not baulk at expressing them strongly.  This tax is already having an adverse effect, said the Mayor, and in the long term, the effect on London’s long term prosperity would be disastrous.  The full report is in today’s Standard.

Boris said that if banks like Goldman Sachs relocate their staff,  £1.2 billion could be lost in revenues,  with a devastating effect on London’s future, as ultimately 9,000 bankers could leave the City.

Senior City figures lined up to support the Mayor’s remarks.

4 responses to “Boris levels with George

  1. Oh I know what you mean now! ROADworks. I thought there was someone called Redworks he was talking about. (haha)

    Since Boris covered the subject of roadworks in his Telegraph article today, I couldn’t think of anything more to add, but if you ever have a subject you would like me to write about re. the Mayor, I will try to oblige.

  2. Didn’t hear the Mayor on Radio 4. What did he say?

  3. ur right but i think the banks should be forced to pay the public back at some point. it’s easy for them to dodge this tax anyway, and i reckon they know the tory government coming in wont keep it

    suprised u havent written abt boris and rdworks
    i heard him on radio 4 this morning talkin about that


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