Prodigiously talented and born for the world stage: Boris Johnson chart

The horoscope of Boris Johnson. (click on chart to enlarge.)

“Astra inclinant, non necessitant”.

Astrology was invented by the priests of Babylon around 1600 BC, as was the circle (360 degrees) on which the horoscope is drawn. The astrology of a personal horoscope, is extremely complicated, so only a few features are described here, primarily the Fixed Stars.  The result of the effect of a star upon a planet depends largely upon the strength or weakness of that planet in the horoscope. Thus in a map showing great ability and high position, the success attained by the aid of a star will be of a more lasting nature than in one where this is not indicated.

Ptolemy (85 – 165 BC) believed in a universe based on the earth-centred system described by Aristotle. He believed that the fortunate Fixed Stars were indications of fame, wealth, and high renown and their opposites, unlucky Fixed Stars, were portents of falls from grace, disasters, poverty, scandal, etc.   The horoscope of Boris Johnson is remarkable in many ways, for example an eclipse between Mercury and Jupiter occurred at his time of birth. (He was born in New York).   This is the sign of a genius.*  He also has fascinating planetary geometry in his chart, and a strong stellium in Gemini, further evidence of high intelligence, great success and creative ability.

As far as the fortunate Fixed Stars are concerned, Boris’s chart is as studded with these stars as your Christmas pudding was studded with currants.


His Sun is conjunct Betelgeuse, ( 28 Gemini) indicating great luck and fame. Betelgeuse is seen as a fortunate star offering great success without a lot of struggle, implying perhaps that the rewards were gained in other lifetimes,  as believed by Ptolemy.

Boris’s Moon is conjunct Princeps, (3 Scorpio). This gives a profound mind and the ability to reason deeply.
His Mars at 1 Gemini is conjunct one of the highest Fixed Stars, Alcyone, which bestows ambition, honour and glory.
His Jupiter at 15 Taurus is conjunct Almach which provides success in Venusian occupations (i.e. Great artistic ability) resulting in huge popularity.
His Saturn at 5 Pisces is conjunct Deneb Adige, bestowing  intelligence, creative ability, openness and honesty, and  brilliant writing ability.
His Saturn at 5 Pisces is also conjunct Sadalachbia. This bestows personal charm and earned riches. This Star is called “the Star of Hidden Things”. His planet Uranus at 6 Virgo is conjunct the extremely fortunate Alula Borealis, the most fortunate star of the Great Bear. Protection and luck are the gifts of this star.
Pluto is conjunct Zosma at 11 Virgo, bestowing a keen intellect and prophetic ability.

On our Mayor’s Midheaven, the cusp of the 10th house, the house of the career is one of the most fortunate Fixed Stars of all. Brilliant Sirius, the Dog Star, at 14 Cancer irradiates Boris’s career.  This Star bestows ambition, leadership, wealth, pride,  emotionality and fame. (Sirius confers great power and a child born in ancient Egypt on the day this star rose with the sun would have led a sacred life dedicated to Isis. Crikey!)

Finally, his South Node is conjunct Polis, at 2 Capricorn, a Star that is very lucky, bestowing keen perceptions, strong desires, ambition, domination and great success.

*  The evidence for eclipses can be found by using the Starscope of the Magi Society.

9 responses to “Prodigiously talented and born for the world stage: Boris Johnson chart

  1. Thanks for your interesting and positive interpretation on Boris. What a colourful and complicated personality!

  2. Robert, thank you so much for responding to my chart interpretation. I joked Boris was like the M57 Nebula. Layer upon layer of complexity. As you say, so colourful and complicated.

  3. ps. Robert Currey is a world wide famous astrologer, folks.

  4. This is some horoscope! Surely only world ruler justifies something this good.


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