Why Gove, Leadsom, Raab and Fox have blown their careers

The EU must have thought that all their Christmases had come at once when they saw the May Chequers White paper.  They will be so encouraged by May’s pathetic weakness, they will be expecting still more presents, as a Tory councillor told me and will no doubt kick her around a bit more to achieve total subjugation.

Explosive legal advise from top QC Martin Howe proves that May’s deal is a total betrayal of Brexit and would be an catastrophe for Britain, leaving us hogtied to the EU and far far worse off than before.  Continue reading

Bombshell speech from Boris Johnson reveals re free trade deal May hasn’t even tried!

In a resignation  speech that was moving in its sincerity, Boris Johnson made a passionate plea for Brexit.  There were no harsh words aimed at the PM.  Just a denunciation in the simplest most honest of terms that all the bright opportunity of Brexit is being squandered.

The Telegraph reported:  “The ex Foreign Secretary said that the Government has spent the past 18 months in “a fog of self-doubt” having “dithered” and “burned through negotiating capital”. Continue reading

Now new Brexit Minister Dominic Raab humiliated by unelected Olly Robbins

Now it is the turn of Dominic Raab.  He replaced David Davis as Brexit Minister and the job should pay danger money.  Davis was so humiliated, he was described by the Irish as Olly Robbins’ tea boy.

Davis was only allowed to meet Barner 3 times, and clumsy flirting from Theresa May at first concealed the truth.  She was taking him for a ride.  As Tim Shipman described in Fallout,  she could do what she liked to him.  Continue reading

Do you believe in Britain or don’t you? asks Boris in D. Tel.

Do you believe in Britain or don’t you?  This is the fundamental question  Boris asks us in his first article back writing for the Daily Telegraph.   The pathetic Remoaner media spends its time boo hoo hooing that our future is so hopeless, when the reverse is true.

Boris begins:  It was almost exactly two years ago that I went into the Durbar Court in the Foreign Office. It was my first day as foreign secretary, and I stood within that vast marble atrium adorned with the busts of explorers, and I announced a vision. Continue reading

QC rips deal of Theresa May to ribbons! Worst option ever!

A noted QC, Martin Howe,  has ripped into the pathetic deal of Theresa May and explained by it will hogtie Britain to the EU as an EU colony.  Read his devastating critique on the link  below.   The terms give all advantage to EU competitors, not Britain.

What is May thinking?  Nothing could possibly be worse!

Boris preparing a bombshell speech to deliver in Commons as Tories line up to dump May

The explosive revelation in today’s Sunday Telegraph that Theresa May concealed a secret anti Brexit department, to undermine the work of David Davis has hit the Tory party like a massive slap in the face.   Boris Johnson is reported to be preparing a bombshell statement in his resignation speech on Wednesday. 

Theresa May will be forced to sit there and listen, or she will have to walk out.

Brexit Minister Steve Baker resigned with David Davis when the horrible truth came out.  May has never been for Brexit and the de facto PM is not May but Olly Robbins, an unelected Europhile. We knew May was a Remoaner, but nothing as bad as this! Continue reading

May’s argument was economy first, but Hammond has sold out the City!

Boris Johnson and Charles Moore are right.  The purpose of the Referendum was to leave the EU.  We need to do that now and sort out the red tape later.  Then we can keep the 39 billion divorce payment.

But what Theresa May is doing, backed by unelected Olly Robbins and Remain, undermines democracy.   405 constituencies voted Leave out of 650, landslide.  But MPs are mostly for Remain.  The politicians also are undermining democracy.   Continue reading