FactCheck on the junior doctors’ strike: is the BMA misleading junior doctors?

Channel 4 FactCheck is an independent fact checking renowned for its accuracy and balanced verdicts. This week they analyse the junior doctors’ strikes, and the conclusions may surprise you.BRITAIN-HEALTH-DOCTORS-STRIKEFrom the junior doctors’ placards, it seems that safety is still the issue.  However, the FactCheck verdict indicates that might not be right.  FactCheck says:

The verdict : Without being a fly on the wall in the negotiations, it’s hard to know what the real sticking points are. The BMA has made no secret today that it sees status of Saturdays as the main obstacle. Continue reading

Black cab drivers cannot now accept decisions of TfL, rules broken, trust gone

The situation in the cab trade is now so bad that it is open knowledge that Sajid Jsvid and the Chancellor are blatantly allowing Uber to  ignore TfL regulations and break the rules.  Their attitude to complaints from black cab drivers is brazenly unapologetic. Might makes right.  Once again, the Tories, or at least, George Osborne, is dumping the working man in favour of crony capitalism.blackcabs5TfL is about to reassess the fare for black cabs and there is huge concern amongst black cab drivers that the decision will just be another way of kicking black cabs out of London.  The British are renowned for their love of fair play.  Black cabs have tried their utmost to play fair over this, if only the government would play fair, but they cheated! Continue reading

Black cab drivers tell Uber where to put their offer to share the app

If Travis Kalanick thinks black cab drivers are as gullible as poor, exploited Uber drivers, he has had to think again.  His “olive branch” that black cab drivers can sign up to use the app. service for zero commision for 12 months was swiftly given the finger by Steven McNamara, of the LTDA and every black cab driver on the road.waterlooBlack cab drivers have heard all about Travis Kalanick’s “initial offers” from his own drivers, who have another name for what they actually are. Continue reading

The British will not lightly give up the right to govern themselves

After all the financial arguments that we will be damaged by leaving the EU,  for me, this argument is the clincher.  Martin Durkin makes this impassioned plea in CityAM.

William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce

“Our lazy, unprincipled politico-bureaucratic elite is about to get a bloody nose. British people will not be governed by people who they don’t know, haven’t elected and can’t remove from power. Continue reading

We need a reformed EU, but Britain could also be great outside says Boris

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson takes apart the PM’s deal on the EU, poking massive holes in the so called benefits.  Boris is an acknowledged authority on the EU, he was our man in Brussels, a journalist for the Telegraph in Maggie’s day and her favourite.  Boris begins:boriseuout“Bzzzt went the bell. I looked up in amazement from my reading on bus routes or sustainable drainage or whatever. It was 7am. Who the heck was ringing my doorbell before breakfast? Continue reading

Uber’s Travis Kalanick – three centuries ago, he would have been a slave trader

In 1998, Travis Kalanick dropped out of UCLA with some of his classmates to found Scour Inc., a multi-media search engine, and Scour Exchange.   In 2000, three major motion picture and recording companies brought a lawsuit against Scour, alleging copyright infringement. In September of that year Scour filed for bankruptcy to protect itself from the $250 billion  lawsuittraviskalanick2

How typical of Kalanick that he considered himself the victim and launched his next project out of revenge.  In 2009, along with Garrett Camp, , Kalanick founded Uber, a mobile application that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ridesharing services. Continue reading

Sadiq Khan linked to “bin Laden of the net”

When I pointed out that Sadiq Khan’s mentor in becoming the Labour candidate for Mayor of London was Red Ken, who supports radical Islam, and asked where Mr. Khan stood on the issue, the answer was silence.  Anyone else who asked this question was accused of racism. Sadiq’s supporters cannot accuse me of this because  I am a known enthusiastic supporter of British Muslims on twitter. As Mayor, Ken Livingstone caused outrage when he invited terrorist Al Qaradawi to City HallsadiqextremistIt now transpires that according to this morning’s Sunday Times, Sadiq has repeated shared a platform with an extremist Imam, who acted as an al-Qaeda recruiter. The Sunday Times reports:  “The London mayoral race erupted into acrimony as a former aide to Theresa May said Khan lacked “judgment” for attending at least four meetings organised by Stop Political Terror, a group supported by Anwar al-Awlaki. Continue reading