Knock out punch for the Cabinet, as Boris tells them to mutiny

Boris Johnson knocks out the Cabinet to a man in his latest Telegraph article.  We are sick of hearing ‘Javid and Hunt are “upset” ‘. Raab is “thinking” of resignation, as are Mordaunt, McVey and Leadsom.  They don’t do anything. They could stop Chequers.  But they won’t.

Boris begins:

The PM’s plan to make us the “punk” of Brussels is a recipe for continued Brexit strife

I really can’t believe it but this Government seems to be on the verge of total surrender.  With every day that passes we seem to be getting more craven. We have already agreed to hand over £40bn for nothing – and certainly not a trade deal – in return. Continue reading

Labour won’t back Jo Johnson call for a People’s vote

Quite rightly, Jo Johnson has followed his brother Boris and courageously resigned from his job as Transport Minister.   Would that the Cabinet had the bottle these two have shown.   We would not be stuck with May’s Chequers plan if they had.   But Jo has also called  for a People’s Vote.  Showing more sense than is usually is their wont, Labour will not support the call for a People’s vote.

Remoaner Jo earned a lot of praise for backing the result of the Referendum no matter what the result.  When Brexit won, he continued to back the people’s choice until his resignation.   To flip flop now would be to undermine democracy. Continue reading

Body blow for May! Jo Johnson quits in disgust over Brexit

In  a body blow to the May premiership, Jo Johnson gives his reasons for his  resignation from his post as  a Minister in Theresa May’s government.  Jo was appointed Minister of State for Transport and Minister for London on 9 January 2018.

The Independent reported:  The brother of Boris Johnson accused the prime minister of bungling the negotiations with a “failure of British statecraft on a scale unseen since the Suez crisis” Continue reading

How May seeks to trap us in EU forever

The tweet below shows why PM May is ignoring transparency, working on a secret deal with Olly Robbins and the EU, while excluding her Cabinet. 

She calculated that her Cabinet members are so spineless and careerist, that given the option of rubber stamping the deal or the sack,  they will put their jobs before the rights of the people, and the  freedoms and democracy of this country. Continue reading

Free speech is getting a bit of bashing, says Boris, all because of the internet

Snowflakes are getting more of a grip, because of the internet, says Boris in the Daily Telegraph, and it is to the detriment of free speech.

Vigil for Charlie Hebdo

The internet has created a bruise-easy generation that is intolerant of people speaking out of turn

Where is the spirit of Charlie Hebdo? You remember the outpouring of grief when 12 journalists were gunned down at the Paris offices of the satirical magazine. We did everything we could to show our solidarity with these martyrs to free speech. Continue reading

Cabinet ministers fear a diabolical trap being laid says Fraser Nelson

May’s secretive method of dealing with EU is raising massive anxiety that we should expect major betrayal when she finally reveals her deal.   The Spectator Editor, Fraser Nelson says Cabinet ministers are braced for the following nightmare scenario.

This would ruin the chances of any Tory successor.   Continue reading

Is May prepared to go down in history as the woman who killed British democracy?

Ministers believe and probably rightly, that the PM plans to bounce them into backing a fudged divorce settlement which will keep us in the customs union under EU control forever, says the Sun.

Tim Shipman of the Sunday Times reports that May is selling this travesty of the Referendum to Brexiteers by saying if they don’t rubber stamp it,  they will be personally responsible for a No Deal Brexit.   Continue reading