Down but never out! The Boris saga is far from over

His rivals are so keen to write him off, they are tripping over themselves, but with Boris Johnson,  it is never that simple. In today’s London Standard,  Matthew d’Ancona astutely remarks: “Don’t be fooled that Boris’s star is waning.”borissmirk3He goes on:  ” One of the defects of our digital world is that baseless or half-true assertions can be amplified and broadcast more widely, more quickly than ever. The Boris Saga is in so many respects a soap opera that it requires its troughs as well as its peaks — and the Mayor was due a period of adversity in the storyline.” Continue reading

An Alpine adventure! On the ski slopes, Bojo lives dangerously

Strewth!  Butch Boris goes skiing with no paraphanalia, just a tweed jacket! Eccentric or what? Boris describes in the Daily Telegraph, yet again, he likes to live dangerously.borisskiing2 “Strewth, I thought: look at the size of that thing. There it was, beetling in the distance – a scowling black triangular cliff surmounted by a quiff of wind-whipped snow. It looked like the Eiger, for goodness sake. We were never going to get to the top of that. These people had to be joking, I thought. Weren’t they?borisskiing
A few months ago I had a brilliant idea for a cheapo weekend break. I love skiing in the Italian alps, and especially the magnificent Val d’Ayas that leads to Monte Rosa. I had always wondered what it was like to go there in the summer.

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Marxist admirer Jeremy Corbyn will be no pushover

Intriguing article by Boris Johnson today in the Sun! “Corbyn gets top Marx for caring” says Bojo.  Boris points out that Corbyn is not actually the loony he is painted.  In retrospect, many of his ideas now look prescient.

Lenin, Staling and Trotsky

Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky

Bojo points out:  “Yes, he was one of the early campaigners against apartheid. Quite right, too — these days Mandela is regarded as a kind of modern saint.

Yes, he was in favour of bringing the IRA to the negotiating table, a view treated as semi-treacherous at the time. Continue reading

PM speaks of “healing” but first he and George need to come clean

It is all very well for David Cameron to speak of “healing” and accuse senior Tories of undermining the Mayor.  If Mr. Cameron himself came clean in two major areas,  it would definitely expedite the healing process.daveandgeorgeThe PM authorised the purchase of water cannon and opposed Theresa May over their use.  His official spokesman made it clear Boris followed the correct procedures when the purchase was made. Cameron said he supported the use of water cannon as a matter of principle.   For some reason the PM will not say that now.

Apparently, the PM and the Chancellor told Boris Johnson “to lay off Uber. ”  They therefore owe it to the black cab trade, operational since the days of Oliver Cromwell, to explain what their angle is.

George Osborne has been threatening to insist Boris is given Work and Pensions as a Cabinet post, “where I can keep an eye on him.”  Will George apologise for this appalling rudeness to the man who knocked himself out delivering the marginals for the Tories in GE15?  Nobody else could have delivered the marginals.  So Bojo won the election for the Tories then.  Not only did he not receive any thanks, his thanks is a kick in the teeth.

Do George and the PM think this behaviour reflects well on them? Are we all supposed to be too stupid to notice what is really going on?  This is deeply shabby behaviour.

Unless the PM and George level properly with Boris and the public on the real causes of the friction,  instead of murmuring empty platitudes,   it is hard to see how any “healing” can begin at all.

New Boris Johnson publishing coup means his earnings will go thermo nuclear

Eating their hearts out with envy that Boris Johnson’s salary for his Daily Telegraph articles has swelled to £275,000 a year, the lefty media are liable to be rendered comatose by a fresh financial triumph on the Bojo front.  His publisher, Hodder & Stoughton, has just coughed up a stonking advance of £500,000, for his  next book, which will be on Shakespeare.Total earnings then, £880,000.

borisselfie33When Boris decided to write a book on Churchill, sniffy authorities on Winston predicted he would fall flat on his face.  What could he find to say when they, the experts, had plumbed the subject dry?  He outsold them all.  Now experts are predicting he will have nothing new to say on the Bard.  Guys, do you know Boris Johnson? Continue reading

Zac tells SNP horsetrading votes for cheaper fares would demean democracy

Nicola Sturgeon believes that it will be the  SNP that makes the decision on the 3rd runway at Heathrow, and she said the 56 SNP MPs will vote for  the decision that means the best deal for Scotland.sturgeonhelicopterThe London Standard reported: “In an exclusive interview with the Standard, SNP transport spokesman Drew Hendry declared the party was “neutral” between a third runway at Heathrow and a second at Gatwick. Continue reading

Just a joke says Boris gallantly defending our Queen over photo

In the Daily Telegraph, chivalrous Boris Johnson gallantly defends our Queen. A picture removed from her personal archive shows her waving, making fun, who knows? but the Sun are making more of it than need be.royalfamily“I don’t suppose for a second that the Queen will read this article, any more than she reads any other item of the ephemeral media flim-flam. Indeed, I rather hope that she doesn’t – because there are far more important subjects. But perhaps there is some way that the gist could be conveyed to her by an equerry; perhaps it could be summarised along with the racing results, etc, and placed on a silver salver or something – not because the opinion is my own, but because in offering this loyal message to her Majesty, I bet I am joined by millions of Telegraph readers and many more angry millions across the country. Continue reading