Why Sajid Javid is tragically wrong about Uber

CityAM is backing Sajid Javid over Uber. Unusually for them, they are minimising the complexities of the issue. Below is a comment I made on their article on Mr. Javid, which for some reason, they wouldn’t print.


Am shocked that CityAm, a publication I revere, is so ignorant about Uber. Uber is under global attack for lawlessness. They are being sued globally.  https://cyberboris.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/uber-under-global-attack-for-lawlessness-as-boris-gets-tough/ This has serious repercussions for safety. Continue reading

Licence to kill! Will TfL put the boot into Uber?

Freewheeling, regs. rejecting Uber executives are bragging they will launch UberPool in London, the ride sharing service that is banned in most countries all over the world.  There are huge safety issues,  and this could be a step too far.uberpic8Sounds like Uber has finally pushed TfL over the edge, because Sir Peter Hendy says Try that one, and it will be a case of Licence Revoked. He is likely to have the full agreement of Boris Johnson, who might do the revoking. Continue reading

Uber and the LTDA to be grilled by MPs tomorrow

Uber and the LTDA will be questioned by MPs tomorrow on, amongst other things, the new tougher regulations for Uber that have been proposed by the LTDA, TfL and Boris Johnson.sajidjavid4

CityAM reported:  “Later last month, business secretary Sajid Javid told the business committee that TfL’s proposals were “heavy handed” and not in the interest of consumers. Continue reading

Boris tops latest ComRes poll again as most popular UK politician

Yesterday in the latest Ipso Mori poll,  Boris Johnson rocketed to a 9 point lead over Osbo as the most popular Tory politician in the party.  Today the ComRes poll shows he is still the most popular politician in the country.borisdroll10ComRes

·         Britons are more than twice as likely to say they are unfavourable towards Jeremy Corbyn as favourable (22% favourable v 50% unfavourable). Mr Corbyn’s unfavourability ratings have increased from 42% in September to 50% now.

Continue reading

Political stitchup on not so intelligent Intelligence Squared

Mary Beard described the debate Greece versus Rome with Boris Johnson as “just a bit of fun”; surely she is not so naive as to think we will believe that? A battle is being fought for the soul of the UK.  Under those circumstances, nothing involving a leading politician is a “bit of fun”.boriskindMary Beard is one of the few celebrity figures to come out in favour of Jeremy Corbyn.  (Charlotte Church, Russell Brand, and actress Donna Phoenix are other famous names). It is hard to believe that she is unaware that Boris, who has rocketed to a 9 point lead over George Osborne, is, as the likely next leader of the Tory party,  Corbyn’s  opponent. Continue reading

Boris rockets to huge lead over scheming Osbo in Ipso Mori poll

Our Mayor hasn’t had an easy ride lately,  what with antagonism from some cab drivers to the first Cycling Superhighway, and manipulation from Osbo, blocking legislation on the limiting of PHVs.  Voters  are obviously more perceptive than George Osborne realises though.georgedowncastIn the latest Ipso Mori poll, Boris is 9 points ahead of George, who has slumped to a dismal third.  In July Osbo tried to bulldoze tax credit cuts through Parliament, under the mistaken impression he couldn’t miss.   A double defeat in the Lords rocked him back on his heels.  He has  never recovered, as Tory MPs think twice about who they want to lead  the party. Continue reading

When will enough be enough re. PHVs George Osborne?

Last night, I took a black cab home to show solidarity with the industry, as I have been doing for some time.  I nearly shed tears as the driver, who has been a cabbie for  30 years, outlined his fears for the future. Part of the upset I felt was because the driver, a lovely decent man, was not fully aware of the causes.georgenastyThe open immigration started by Labour under Tony Blair is partly to blame for the dreadful traffic jams we are seeing now. There has been a huge influx into the capital.  Another major reason is the private hire vehicles with which George Osborne and Sajid Javid are flooding the city. Continue reading