May plans to cross Europe begging EU members to save her career says the Sun

Theresa May today decided not to hold the meaningful vote on her infamous Brexit deal and was rebuked by John Bercow for wasting the time of the House.  Instead she plans to criss cross Europe, begging EU members to save her career, reports the Sun.

In a humiliating climb down, the PM was forced to admit that her deal – due to be voted on today – would be “rejected by a significant margin” of over 200 by furious MPs.  Continue reading

The deal is a disaster, says Boris in the D. Telegraph, but there is a way out

The deal stands no chance of going  through, an estimated 428 MPs are likely to vote against it, but there is a way out, says Boris in the Daily Telegraph today.  

With determination and common cause, MPs can finally slay Brexit’s biggest obstacle

I have now heard much of the parliamentary debate on the Withdrawal Agreement – and it has hit me that the gloomier commentary is wrong. Yes it is true that Parliament is divided. Yes, there are competing visions for the future; and there are quite a few MPs who would like to reverse the result of the referendum. But it is just not true that there is no single viewpoint that would carry the majority of the House. Continue reading

Boris “heartbroken” at the future May is planning for us

Marr was out for blood on his show today,trying to “get” Boris, but it didn’t work.  Oddschecker showed that Boris has jumped to the top of the Tory contenders to be next Prime Minister.  

Many of his comments were downright inspirational, and attempts to talk through him or make rude remarks just reflected badly on the interviewer. Continue reading

People need gumption and leadership, says Boris in ConHome interview

In a wide ranging interview with ConHome, Boris Johnson covers a variety of subjects.  He has heard nothing further about his “burka” remark. He said the Cabinet was misled about the backstop.  No. 10 has an S and M approach to government, says Boris.  And much more,   

Earlier, Boris Johnson talked to Laura Kuessenberg in St. James’s Park,  It’s clear that May’s appalling government is hanging by a thread. Continue reading

Tory MPs have turned into monsters: they always have to call the shots

We have seen it over Brexit.  The British people chose Brexit in the referendum and MPs pledged to implement the result voting 3 to 1 in Parliamentthat would happen. But the majority of MPs are Remoaners.  They don’t want Brexit.   So they schemed and connived to do the opposite.  A Remoaner PM led the way.

Brexit is now nearly ruined and in jeopardy.

The same attitude is displayed in the preparations for a possible leadership contest.  Boris Johnson has the overwhelming support of the party activists and grassroots of the party.  If he gets onto the ballot paper, he will undoubtedly win. Continue reading

Brilliant speech from Boris Johnson rips May’s deal to shreds

Ever controversial, when Boris stood up to speak in Parliament, it was clear that desperate Remoaners had other ideas.  There were deliberately planned interruptions, and heckling and Mrs. May walked out.

She would have done well to listen, but taking advice has never been her forte, hence the present fiasco. Boris’s great speech is below. Comments from the Sun are here. 

Continue reading

There is no magic wand that can undo Brexit says Allister Heath in the Telegraph

A fascinating article by Allister Heath in the Telegraph explains that although Leavers might have been naive, Remoaners have too!   

Allister says:  The anthropological rituals and language of democracy still exist, and have even been extended in recent years, but they are now largely a charade to camouflage a massive power grab by the bureaucracy. Continue reading