Remainers know to get back into power Brexit must fall

The non-stop negativism about Brexit isn’t just hot air.  The gloomadon popping has a point.  There is method in the Remainers’ madness. The endless abuse of Liam Fox, David Davis, Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey, and most of all Boris, is just part of it.  Boris must be crushed so badly he can never rise again.  The economy must actually fail.  The pound must fall.  Markets must crash.  There must be an financial Armageddon.  Continue reading

Bish, bash, bosh! Boris biffs Bradshaw, Salmond and Thornberry over Brexit

Boris swiped three sixes in a row as he took questions on Brexit in the House of Commons yesterday.   Ben Bradshaw gloomy over the future attitude of US companies towards the UK was told this:Downing Street, London, October 18th 2016. Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Boris Johnson arrives at the weekly cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street in London. ¿ Paul Davey/Alamy Live NewsAmerican companies will find the UK in future an even better place to invest and to bring their coporations because of national advantages of time zone, language, talent, and skills that we now enjoy.
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Sex trade operating while teenage boys raped in Calais jungle

After the rape of a female journalist at knife point by three migrants in the Calais jungle, more details of abuse surface, this time of teenage boys.  Aid workers report that teenage boys are being raped so badly, some require surgery.calaismigrantsAid workers have reported that as well as rapes, a sex trade is operating in the camp, with children as young as 13 asking for condoms.

Three UK bound Afghans were responsible for the gang rape and police are still seeking the men responsible. Not one child from most vulnerable group brought to England! Continue reading

Foreign Minister Toby Ellwood crushes SNP Remainer

A highly charged most exciting session in the House of Commons today,  when new Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson  gave another electric performance,  included a significant moment from Toby Ellwood. A member of the SNP was querulously spouting the usual anti-Brexit guff.  Mr. Ellwood dealt with him thus:tobyellwoodCould I,  Mr. Speaker,  with your permission,  just suggest to the SNP that they understand where we are now.

The result is there.  Brexit is where we are.  That we made clear already.
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Boris shrugs off another vicious smear campaign

The worst smears of another Remainer campaign are bouncing off Boris like surf off a baby seal.  Impossible, when reading his Remain article to conclude that he is anything but a responsible, deeply thoughtful politician.borisfo7Boris wanted to see if he could write a strong convincing article for Remain, says Political Editor Leo McKinstry, but he  found he couldn’t.  As Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson has also deduced,  he took the time to look at all the arguments.  and is clearly unconvinced by Remain. Continue reading

Brexit hate crime hysteria is a cynical Remainers lie

Brendan O’Neil of Spiked has confirmed, as I wrote on 11th September 2016, what Dan Hannan reported on the hate crime figures. The police log reports of hate crime, but when tested, these figures of actual crime don’t show a rise.  But Remainers continue to accuse Brexit of every type of hate crime, including homophobia. borisgayadBrendan says:  Has there ever been a crime panic as flimsy, as see-through, as explicitly designed to make political mileage as the post-Brexit hate-crime hysteria? Too many people are nodding along to this nonsense, accepting as hard fact every doom-tinged utterance from the police and evidence-lite statement from the Home Office. Continue reading

If run like a GE, Brexit would have won by miles, says Frederick Forsyth

Writer Frederick Forsyth points out in the Daily Express that if the Brexit campaign had been run like a GE, Brexit would have won by a landslide.  He says:boriscampaign7“THE last few Remain-in-the-EU fanatics continue to wail for a second referendum on the grounds that the “Let’s Leave” margin was not big enough. The same crew claim it should be Parliament that makes the decision. At the University of East Anglia some bright spark has worked this out. Continue reading