PM Boris makes history over the NHS

PM Boris Johnson made history today in another apocalyptic strategy,  which will be a completely game changer for the NHS. 

He has written off 13.4 billion of historic National Health debt.  He has also given 300 million to pharmacies.  Continue reading

Germans grab all the reagents, wrecking Boris’s testing plans, but he fights back!

The Times today reported that certain requisites essential for testing are proving impossible to get hold of.  The Germany First policy engineered by German leaders means they are excluding other countries to stockpile for their own future needs. A global shortage is now threatening the government’s expansion testing plan.

But as is his wont, the PM is launching a rear guard action.

The authors of the Times article said:   A shortage of key chemicals is hampering Britain’s efforts to expand testing for Covid-19 and forcing officials to work on finding alternative components. Continue reading

Germany under fire for putting a ban on the export of PPE says Politico

Rumours have been circulating for weeks that President Donald Trump offered a billion dollars to buy the company making vaccine in Germany, but this has now been denied, reported the European office of Politico.

Politico said:  While Germany’s politicians are happy to attack Trump’s “America First” politics, German politicians have had to weather heavy criticism in the past few days for adopting a “Germany First” approach in the coronavirus crisis by banning the export of protective equipment such as face masks to partner countries in the EU. Continue reading

Wear a mask to protect others, says Daily Telegraph

Masks might not be much protection for the person wearing them, but we are asking the wrong question, said the Daily Telegraph.

Wearing a mask protects other people, so it’s vital we all do that.  Read the Telegraph article here. 

Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s popularity soars as the country gets behind him

The popularity of most world leaders has risen, none more drastically than Boris Johnson’s.  Number Cruncher showed him on a stonking 72%!  Ipsos Mori has him on 52%, level pegging with the chart leader.  (see below)

Measured by Gallup, US President Donald Trump’s job ratings have soared to their highest ever point, with 49% of adults approving of his performance and 45% disapproving.  Continue reading

Dire state of NHS fault of May and Hammond – Boris fought them over it for years

In 2018, Boris Johnson was Foreign Secretary, but he fought May and Hammond like a tiger, because he was so concerned about the state of the NHS.  He wanted more equipment and funding as a major priority.  They both told him to get lost.  Below is my report from 2018.

UPDATE FROM 2018.    Political Editor Trevor Kavanagh said in the Sun today:  Boris Johnson’s cry for NHS cash was a shining moment as Theresa May bumbles through the dark.  Continue reading

Jeremy Hunt criticises Boris, but hid news that 50,000 died in a year on his own watch

The first ex minister to jump to criticise the speed of Boris Johnson’s reaction to Covid-19 was ex Health Minister Jeremy Hunt.  He has some nerve!  He was Health Minister from 2012 to 2018, and his clangers were legion. 

From 2017 to 2018 in England and Wales, deaths due to the ‘flu epidemic totalled 50,100, a shocking figure.  “The increase is thought to be down to the flu, the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine in older people and spells of very cold weather last winter.”said the British Medical Journal. Continue reading