Boris’s hair? The truth is out! Not a drop of bleach…….

Jealous rivals have been circulating nasty rumours about the Mayor, the worst one being that he dyes his hair. A famous stylist was trotted out to swear that he could tell that Boris’s ash blonde locks are dyed, not sun kissed!boriscricket6The hot sun bleaches the colour out of fine blonde hair, so it looks even blonder in summer.  The above pic. shows Boris looking positively Scandinavian at a cricket match in Maidstone, Kent, where he was top scorer against bowlers such as Courtney Walsh. Continue reading

If we keep doing nothing over Syria, says Boris, we must prepare ourselves for an eternity of refugees

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson tackles the worrying problem of immigration.  If we don’t do something about Syria, says Boris, the immigrants will keep on coming.IsilbombBoris begins:  “Look, I have to admit that I have written about this subject before, and I know from the splenetic feedback that there are plenty of people who don’t give a monkey’s. There are a fair few otherwise well-intentioned readers of the Telegraph who aren’t much moved by the fate of a few old ruins in Syria. They will have looked at the photos of Isil blowing up the temple of Baal Shamin, and turned instantly to the sport, or clicked on the item about Jeremy Corbyn’s “makeover” – or whatever. Continue reading

Is Boris Johnson like Donald Trump? Hell no!

A few tweeters have started to repeat that Donald Trump is just a version of Boris Johnson.  Let’s look at the facts.   Do they know Boris Johnson?boristrump2Boris Johnson is a cultured, deep thinking, libertarian, and Oxford educated classical scholar, known for his charm and tolerance    Donald Trump is a hugely successful billionaire businessman, who was so wild his father send him to military academy,  but nobody would ever describe him as tolerant, charming, or an intellectual, let alone a deep or cultured thinker. Continue reading

Is Ed Miliband the most disastrous Labour leader in history?

It didn’t get off to a good start, did it?   Ed Miliband nicked the Labour leadership from under his brother David’s nose, laying himself open to non-stop accusations that he had stabbed the Labour heir apparent in the back.   The ensuing drama and family split was worse than Cain and Abel.edbeardA raft of policies that were discounted almost as soon as they came out of his mouth, the Mansion tax, no EU referendum, freezing gas and electricity prices and improving the NHS, were met with widespread scepticism. Continue reading

Follow the DNA trail. Sculptures fusing science and art are dotted over the city

DNA2From a 24 bus, I was intrigued to spot a fascinating twisty sculpture on the corner of Trafalgar Square.  It was one of the many DNA sculptures that are situated all over London, fusing art and science,  a concept from Cancer Research UK. Continue reading

Labour has destroyed social mobility, says Tony Parson in The Sun

A brilliant article in the Sun today,  by Tony Parsons,  who lays the death of social mobility at Labour’s door.   Once, it didn’t matter how humble your beginnings, you could make it to No. 10.  Now “second rate poshos” rule the roost. borisselfie59Parsons says:  “If you were lucky enough to be born in Britain, you could make it all the way to 10 Downing Street.

And it didn’t matter if your father was a shopkeeper (Margaret Thatcher). Or if your dad was a carpenter and your mother a maid (Ted Heath). Or even if dad sold garden gnomes (John Major). Continue reading

Pique and bad temper? Black cab LTDA tries to stop cycling superhighway

Oh dear oh dear oh dear!  Are black cab drivers deliberately trying to make it worse for themselves? Now, through a late judicial review, the Licenced Taxi Drivers Association is trying to stop the Embankment cycling superhighway. boriscycling4The Standard reports today: “The LTDA has now lodged an application for a judicial review on the grounds that TfL should have sought planning permission before beginning construction, as opposed to the highway being allowed to fall under permitted development rules. Continue reading