How Boris did an Obi Wan Kenobi and struck down the Remainer Darth Vader

If you want the truth about why Labour failed in the GE19 election, and why Remain was eviscerated by Boris Johnson, who better to lay on it on the line than Dominic Cummings.  Mr. Cummings is the superbrain who guided our PM to a fantastic victory.

There is not a move that Mr. Cummings has made that hasn’t had my whole hearted agreement, particularly when PM Boris gave 21 Remainers the boot.  More timid souls squeaked in protest, but in my view, the way Remainers blatantly flaunted their power was an absolute disgrace.  When they were kicked out, it was a victory on a level with Waterloo!   I cheered! Continue reading

Justice wins! Boris Johnson eviscerates his rivals

The British people have spoken.  They firmly overthrew the appalling unfairness of the past three years, when Parliament betrayed the people.  Boris Johnson did not betray the people.  He upheld democracy and fought like a lion for our rights. The unerring  instinct of a born leader saw him through!

Never did any politician tread such a perilous, painful, lonely road as he.  But never for one second did he doubt it was the right path. Continue reading

Many terrorists on early release go straight back to working for terror cells

When Usman Khan, after early release, killed two young Cambridge graduates, there was a violent reaction from idealistic liberals who believe terrorists can be cured with kindness, and should be released half way through their sentences for rehabilitation. . Boris Johnson was castigated for saying a tougher approach was vital, in direct contradiction to the “woolly liberal” approach.

A picture has emerged of the convicted terrorist who killed two people at London Bridge posing with Islamist hate preacher Anjem Choudary taken in 2009.

The facts prove that the tolerant approach is a huge mistake.  One in seven Islamist extremists jailed for terrorism have had their sentences cut on appeal. Continue reading

Bear baiting, stitchups and all about ratings: no politician needs the hassle

The refusal of our Prime Minister to give an interview to the BBC‘s Andrew Neil – “I can’t accomodate everyone”  said PM Boris innocently – has thrown the whole issue of the presentation of politics on tv into the spotlight. Boris explained he has also rejected requests for interview by Lord Buckethead.

A one on one with the BBC‘s Andrew Marr in which Marr talked over the PM the whole time, and asked him ridiculous questions designed to trap him – do you know how many magistrates and crown courts have been closed? – spat out Marr rudely  and when Boris couldn’t answer, Marr demanded an apology,  one of many. Continue reading

Out of touch Andrew Neil makes one gaffe after another

In an embarrassing gaffe that proves just how much he is past his best, Andrew Neil sniped that Boris Johnson would never be able to face “the strongmen on the world stage” if he ducked a Neil interview.

Let’s ignore the arrogance that makes Andrew Neil think he is on a level with world leaders, when he is only a BBC interviewer and point out to Mr. Neil that PM Boris has faced most of the “strongmen” already, notably Putin when he was Foreign Secretary.  Continue reading

Daily Telegraph blows the lid off Corbyn antisemitism coverup

The Daily Telegraph has revealed that eleven examples of the antisemitism of Jeremy Corbyn show the extent of the Labour coverup.

The Telegraph says:   The dossier, compiled by the Jewish Labour Movement, alleges that Mr Corbyn “has repeatedly associated with, sympathised with an engaged in anti-Semitism”.  It accuses the Labour Party of a “hostile response to anti-Semitism”, “defending perpetrators” and a “cover up”.  Continue reading

Usman Khan was a devious deceiver, who planned all along to kill again

In an article in the Guardian, David Merritt, father of murdered Jack, violently reproached Boris Johnson for deciding not to let out jihadi terrorists half way through their sentences.  The PM was quiet and respectful, but unabashed.

‘It’s my job to keep people safe’:   PM Boris defied the fury of the father of one of the London Bridge terror attack victims, his son.  Boris intends to  push ahead with his crackdown on early release of jihadis from jail – because he believes it is impossible to reform killers like Usman Khan. Continue reading