The US is our dearest ally, says Boris re. Trump in the S. Telegraph

Boris Johnson launches a swingeing defence of the much maligned US Prez in today’s Sunday Telegraph,  he is President of a country that happens to be “our closest ally” says the Foreign Secretary.  

Boris begins:    The Labour party is of course entitled to espouse all manner of puerile and backward-looking ideas. That is their privilege as a kind of glorified Momentum-based protest group.   Continue reading

Let’s do it! Macron’s excited response to Boris suggestion of an Anglo/French bridge

French President Macron is hugely enthusiastic about the idea from Boris Johnson to build a bridge linking across the Channel.  Boris told his aides it is absolutely ridiculous that the only link between our countries is one railway link! When Boris floated the idea at the summit, an excited French Prez said immediately “Let’s do it!”

Boris was obviously a huge hit with the French, charming them with his fluent accentless French and no doubt, knowledge of French literature and the French mediaeval poets.  As Mayor, every time he went to France, he was mobbed.  Continue reading

Help turn the plastic tide – use a reusable cup

In 2010, when Boris Johnson started the campaign in London, everyone started taking heavy duty bags into supermarkets to stop using thin plastic bags.  Now is the time, and we cannot wait any longer, to start using reusable cups.  Starbucks sell a wide variety, and you get a 25% discount on your drink if you use them. 

Pret a Manger give you a 50% discount.  When I take a reusable cup into an ordinary cafe, there is never any problem, and lots of encouragement from the staff.  Costa gives a 25% on your drink if you bring in a reusable cup.  Continue reading

Andrew Neil has to explain the basic facts of the EU to Jeremy Corbyn

Andrew Neil explains the single market and the  customs union to the privately educated, intellectually challenged leader of the Labour Party,  Jeremy Corbyn.

the Corbyn family home


D. Tel exclusive: Give an extra £100 million to NHS a week or lose, Boris urges May

Today’s Telegraph in an exclusive reported:  Boris Johnson has warned Theresa May that the Government must make a public commitment to giving the NHS an extra £100million a week after Brexit if the Tories are to beat Jeremy Corbyn at the next election.

The Foreign Secretary believes that the Government must adopt the flagship Vote Leave pledge and spend £5.2billion a year that would have been paid into Brussels on the health service instead. Continue reading

Best Labour attack line is murdered by the Spectator

Boris is exonerated over the ad. on the battle bus. About ruddy time!

We are facing the battle of our lives, says Boris. Get ready!

In the Sun today, friends of Boris Johnson have expressed his deep concerns that the establishment are planning to force May into a deal that is so bad, it will not be worth leaving.

May is reliant on the Remainers in the Cabinet for survival.   Davi Davis is a weak and  unreliable Brexiteer, who at one time, tried to form an alliance with Hammond. In the Sunday Times yesterday, Tim Shipman reported that May is on notice she will face a leadership challenge if she tries to fight another election. For some reason she seems intent on doing just that.  Continue reading