May’s betrayal of Brexit must be put right. Now

We have suspected it for months.  Subconsciously we knew.  But now an article in the Daily Telegraph confirms our worst fears. Theresa May’s “ineptitude” is betrayal.  She is trying to achieve not the best, but worst possible Brexit.  I wrote a blog at the beginning of May entitled “Her CU plans make it clear May schemed to wreck Brexit all along”.  Continue reading

Boris off on South American trade talks – inept May should learn from him

Boris Johnson is off on a five day  trade mission to South America, doing what he does best. Building new global trade links, ahead of Brexit.  

He is heading to the Amazon jungle to view front line efforts in the battle against the illegal trade in wildlife.

His jungle trip today comes at the start of a five-day tour of Latin America, taking in Peru, Argentina and Chile, as part of the drive to drum up post-Brexit trade.  Continue reading

Cheating of Remain far more serious than anything done by Dominic Cummings.

In view of the outright cheating of Remain during the EU Referendum it is the most appalling hypocrisy to attack Brexit campaign manager Dominic Cummings.

For the moment, let’s forget about the 9 million the Remainers nicked  from public funds for leaflets to peddle the lie that their elitist agenda benefited the poorest in this country.  Continue reading

Determined Boris acts in a flash to try to save Iran deal

Boris Johnson moved with lightning speed on Tuesday evening to save the Iran deal.  He rushed from Parliament, made his plane with seconds to spare and met with European leaders and the Iran Foreign Minister to try to save the accord.

The Foreign Secretary said European leaders would thrash out a last-minute “package of measures” to ensure Tehran doesn’t ditch the accord. Continue reading

Italians show feeble May how to handle a negotiation

In your face!  Italians Salvini and Di Maio from La Liga and 5 Star parties are still fighting off the objections of Berlusconi as they challenge the EU to rip up the rule book by dumping the euro. Their outrageous demands include plans for Italy to leave the single currency, call for sanctions against Russia to be scrapped and a plan to ask the European Central Bank to write off the country’s £250bn debt. You make your demands  clearly, making it clear you mean what you say,  setting them out in writing.  You make it clear if you don’t get what you want, you are off.   Continue reading

Not a good start! Remain revival caught out bare faced lying

David Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nicky ruddy Morgan have been parachuted in to “save us” from Brexit.  Wowzer.  Sadly, the revival started with a bare faced lie. During the Referendum, both David and Cleggers admitted Brexit means leaving the single market,  but today Cleggie was caught out in a barefaced lie.

Nick Clegg

In an interview with Adam Boulton on Sky, Cleggie insisted no-one in the Leave Campaign had ever said Brexit involved leaving the single market!  Like a fool, he didn’t check,  and there is abundant material to prove he is the little liar he always was.   Continue reading

OUTRAGE! Most peers are in the pay of the EU, so should abstain on Brexit!

Writing in City AM,  Diane James Independent MEP said of the House of Lords:  “The government has taken its eleventh “bloody nose” from the House of Lords. The “stop Brexit at all costs” strategy is an affront and a barrier to democracy.

The Lords should be delivering true and proper scrutiny of the work of MPs, ensuring accountability in a neutral, open, transparent way, without predetermined position or bias. It should reflect the political makeup of the nation, and not be stuffed or crammed with political acolytes. Continue reading