Boris Johnson is a fighter. His rivals hide in the dark

There is no politician in Parliament right now who is more of a fighter than Boris Johnson.  He says what he thinks.  And he has the guts to back it up with action. Boris has fought 5 elections, leading from the front, and to the fury of his rivals, he fought winning every time.

To take London, his performance was outstanding.   He beat a 19% swing to Labour to knock out Ken.  Then he did it again, , an achievement that will probably never be repeated.  Continue reading

Liar liar pants on fire! Proof Corbyn lied over student fees

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner made this statement about student fees, on 22nd May 2017.

“The Labour leader and shadow education secretary Angela Rayner announced this morning that Labour pledged to abolish/refund student fees and the above statement couldn’t be clearer!  Read the entire article hereContinue reading

World class salesman Boris scores a financial hit in Japan

Boris Johnson, on a 3 day visit to Japan, has seemingly managed to secure the continuation of multi-billion pound Japanese interests in British business.   

He has an outstanding record as a world  class salesman, according to Standard journo Pippa Crerar.As Mayor, Boris had an outstanding reputation of success in raising investment for London, the money flooded into the city in billions.  He also raised millions in deals and £500M in funding for Londoners.  The website Westmonster reports:  Boris said: “I have found a wide measure, or a growing measure, of understanding about what is involved.   Continue reading

The electoral system is wide open, only one way to stop the cheating

Our electoral system is wide open to cheating, and Labour is exploiting the loophole to the hilt.  Students are openly bragging they voted twice, because they are registered at home and at uni.  Some say they voted up to six times, because it is so easy to pretend to be someone else.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Commission says there is only one way to stop the cheaters.  There are 381 separate databases.  Only by setting up a national database will cheating be eradicated. Continue reading

New MP stuns the House with rousing maiden speech praising Brexit

A new MP stunned Parliament with what has been described as an outstanding maiden speech.  Kemi Badenoch passionately praised the Brexit decision when she said “I believe the vote for Brexit is the great ever  vote of confidence in the UK!”   So do I. 

Kemi Badenoch, the new MP for Saffron Walden, was showered with praise by her colleagues when she said  she had dreamed of being involved in a movement like Britain’s departure from the  since she was a young girl.  Ms Badenoch said while people are “widely concerned” about Brexit, she believed the country would prosper outside of Brussels’ political project.  Continue reading

When will someone knock lying Chuka on his prissy little ass?

How much longer will Good Morning Britain allow Chuka Umunna on morning tv to spout lies?  How many times has he brazenly lied about the “ad on the big red bus?”  How many times has the evil little sh….. trilled “And we all know about the ad. on the big red bus, don’t we?”

What Chuka actually knows is that when he complained to the DPP and the CPS about the bus ad., he was told to sling his hook and there is nothing wrong with the ad.  He also knows that you can’t pledge cash in  Referendum!  But Chuka is the man who sneered at ordinary people in London clubs as “trash!”  And still programmes like GMB indulge his dishonesty, because they are anti Tory and love a cheap shot.  Continue reading

Now students brag about voting up to six times in GE2017

As Labour refused to support a motion that anyone proved to have voted twice should be banned, there are now claims that some students managed to vote six times in the recent general election,   after taking polling cards of friends who did not intend to vote and pretending to be them.

An unnamed MP told the Daily Telegraph that they had heard students bragging that they had been able to vote for Mr Corbyn several times.  But police in Canterbury and Lincoln – two of the university towns where double voting is said to have taken place – say they are not investigating the issue!  Why the hell not? Continue reading