PM Boris personally takes charge of EU negotiations

The Brexit department has been closed down so that PM Boris can personally handle the negotiations.  A new team is answerable directly to the Prime Minister.

Politics Home reports: Number 10 said the “small and agile” team of 40 staff, called Task Force Europe,  led by chief negotiator David Frost, will have responsibility for negotiating future agreements with Brussels and would be up and running once the UK leaves the EU this Friday. Continue reading

Sky News accused our PM of failing to honour Auschwitz

Yesterday and today,  on air, Adam Boulton of Sky News accused our new government of neglecting to send a representative to Auschwitz to honour Holocaust Memorial Day. They said Boris Johnson should have attended.   In fact, our PM was attending the UK Commemorative  Ceremony, where he talked to Holocaust survivors.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, represented Britain at Auschwitz.  The moving speech delivered by PM Johnson is here.  Continue reading

Working class lad made good, Kevin Maguire? Sir Keir Starmer’s dad loaded!

Poor Kevin Maguire!  A crushing defeat by Boris Johnson leaves him no alternative but to fib like a madman in the paper he edits, the Daily Mirror!  We will ignore his porkies about Boris Johnson ‘s hugely successful mayoralty,  But any reaction to his lie that Sir Keir Starmer is a working class lad made good can only be hysterical laughter.

Reigate Grammar School

According to blogger Guido Fawkes, Keir’s dad wasn’t just a tool maker   He was a Surrey-living, Aga-owningBuckingham Palace-attending businessman and Keir himself is constantly trying to remove references to his millionaire status from his Wikipedia profile. Continue reading

What they said about Boris. And what actually happened

The gloomadons are out in force today.  The country is ruined.  (Hugh Grant). So the Chinese are building a new hospital in a week. How is the lying charlatan getting on with the 40 phantom hospitals he promised during the election? (Alastair CampbellFeckin eejit !!! They have HAD the upper hand, until NOW.  BBC News – Varadkar: EU will have upper hand in trade talks with UK.  (@subtel1

He’s done a bit of a runner!   (Keir Starmer)  And haven’t we heard it all before?  Continue reading

Business confidence surges under burly Boris, as the pound also rises!

History is repeating itself.  As Mayor, Boris inherited London on the brink of recession.  The City quickly took heart, and soon funding, deals and investment were flooding in.  Now the sturdy form of Boris Johnson is again at the helm, panic has eased with a dramatic surge in business confidence.

The Standard reported:  Stronger than expected January PMI data makes it far more likely that the Bank’s monetary policy committee (MPC) will leave its benchmark rate at 0.75 per cent for now. Continue reading

Worried North Londoners send message to PM Boris about Nazanin

Shocked at the stressed state of Richard Ratcliffe, customers and staff in #chemistdownroad  wanted to send a message to PM Boris.   They are fully aware of what a difficult situation this is.  The major stumbling block is that Iran refuses to accept dual nationality.  All DNs in Iran are regarded as Iranian.

Richard Ratcliffe met with PM Boris Johnson today at Downing Street, and an in depth discussion of the situation and all available options took place.  Afterwards, Mr. Ratcliffe emphasised how kind had been the PM and his staff, but it would have been unkind to make false promises. Continue reading

Is Boris Johnson our Churchill and Dom Cummings his Clem Atlee?

A Labour pal broadminded enough to see the positive qualities of the present Tory PM, commented that in his opinion, Boris Johnson has similar abilities to Clem Attlee.  A fascinating article on the tweet below describes just how much Clem Atlee contributed to the lives of the poorest.

He was a radical reformer, just as Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings aim to be.  Both Churchill and Attlee had fought as soldiers in the deadliest war in history. And both had governed together in the worst war in history. The respect and collegiality they shared is a model for our time. Or any time.  Attlee’s speech when Churchill died is unforgettable. Continue reading