Honesty, charm, and clarity from PM Boris win over Merkel

What a change from gauche, mumbling, incoherent Mrs. May!  As Boris strode to the podium, blonde hair glinting,  tailored to within an inch of his life, blue eyes  limpid with sincerity, German jaws hit the floor!  You could see them thinking Mein Gott, but he is bezaubernd!

An initial froideur from the Chancellor soon began to melt.  Merkel spoke of her desire for a bilateral friendship and she finally accepts that Britain is leaving the EU.  Merkel said she was keen to hear Boris’s assessments of Iran, Hong Kong, China, North Korea, Libya, all in a spirit of friendship and shared values, as she told “my dear Boris”. Continue reading

Hilarious comedy routine from young Brexit standup

An award winning comedian, whose standup has won him awards, Alistair Williams is a regular at the Comedy Store and at the Edinburgh Fringe.  I defy anyone not to laugh at his take down of the absurdity of Remainers who try to stop Brexit.

There aren’t many brilliant pro Brexit comedians, we should cherish this one. Continue reading

We’re off! PM Boris pulls UK out of over 800 EU meetings

We are out, the procedure has begun!   A huge amount of precious time will be saved by Boris’s decision to pull the UK out of over 800 EU meetings.  This time will be spent on developing trade deals and creating a new relationship with the EU.

We are hammering home the message that we are out with a mallet.  We have to.   So arrogant are EU Chiefs, they can’t believe we are prepared to take the plunge.  EU Chiefs are shored up by Remainer traitors like Grieve and Hammond, who are sneakily insisting they will be able to stop Boris in Parliament. Continue reading

Take charge Boris leaves the EU reeling

The culture shock was as shattering to the EU as it must have been surprising.   Boris has smashed to pieces the image of the supplicant Brit created by Mrs. May as he forcefully took charge of negotiations.In a dominant style that must have left EU Chiefs reeling, Boris slammed the door shut on any chance we will ever accept the backstop.   An hour long verbal punchup on the phone with Leo Varadkar rammed home the same point. Continue reading

Boris will get us out of EU, then destroy Labour says wizard Dom Cummings

A new dawn is breaking.  All the excitement and hope for the future is now with the Leave Tory party led by Boris Johnson and Dom Cummings.  So disgusted are voters with the treachery of Hammond, Grieve, Gauke, Spelman and Letwin,  voters are turning to Boris as a source of inspiration and our only chance. 

Chief adviser Dominic Cummings said this week that Boris Johnson will be taking the UK out of the European Union and will then flatten Corbyn’s Labour at the next GE.  Continue reading

Hard left Len tells Remainer rebels “Get over it, we lost!”

An article in The Sun today shows that firebrand hard liner Len McCluskey has more honour and respect for voters than ex Attorney General Dominic Grieve over the issue of the Referendum. 

The Sun reports:   Union boss Len McCluskey last night told Remainer rebels to finally accept “we lost the referendum” and give up trying to stop Brexit. Continue reading

Call for European Arrest Warrant to be issued for Dominic Grieve

There is outright fury at some of the Remainers who are believed to have and still are colluding with the EU.  Yesterday, on his Facebook Q & A, PM Johnson challenged Remainers outright for insinuating to the EU that they can stop Brexit in Parliament, thereby blocking any chance of a deal. The Bruges Group say that May colluded with Merkel to pacify Brexiteers in the short term, while making arrangements for Britain to rejoin the EU in the not so distant future. 

Continue reading