Boris points out the only Continent with weaker growth than Europe is Antarctica

In today’s Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson points out that the so called rock solid case for the Remain economy is not really  rock solid at all. He begins:  “Yes indeed, let us talk about economics. Let’s look at the real economic impact of the European Union on Britain and Europe.immigrantsgermanyWe can dismiss most of the claims for the “single market” – too often an excuse for a morass of politically driven legislation that costs UK business about £600 million a week. In the 20 years since the dawn of the 1992 Single Market programme, there were many countries that did far better than the UK at exporting to the EU; 27 non-EU countries did better at increasing their exports of goods, and 21 did better at ramping up their exports of services. Of course they did: American and other non-EU businesses have excellent “access” to the EU, but aren’t wrapped in EU red tape, whereas we have only 6 per cent of companies trading with the rest of the EU – yet 100 per cent of them have to comply with EU law. Continue reading

Proof we WON’T lose trade deals, as Osbo said

The Sunday Express said today it is not true, as George Osborne declared, that it would be “very difficult” to make new trade deals.  The truth is Britain would be legally entitled to use existing trade deals worth billions of pounds even if the country voted to leave the European Union in June, according to a new report.osbotradeliesOsborne said:  “The legal position is clear. We’d have to start from scratch, which would take years if not decades.”

But the Express reported:  “Written by some of the most eminent legal experts in the field, the Lawyers for Britain research discredits claims by Chancellor George Osborne that the UK would find it “very difficult” to renegotiate trade deals with 27 EU members and 50 global trading partners. Continue reading

Stronger together? No, dragged down by the eurozone crisis

How come if the EU is such a safe haven are so many countries in the eurozone in trouble?  Greece is bust, Italy is on the skids and the Spanish banks are in freefall. This doesn’t fit Cameron’s description of the EU as a source of prosperity. immigrantsgermanyThe reason is there is a crisis in the eurozone (that is, all the countries who have the euro.)  If these problems increase,  as they are doing, we will become responsible for a higher and higher share of the EU budget.  There will also be mass unemployment in the eurozone. Continue reading

How cheating Remain tried to rig the Referendum

It is an outright lie that both sides have made false claims in the EU Referendum. The PM has gone all out to rig the Referendum with the assistance of George Osborne, in every way he possibly can and the facts bear this out.boriscamgoveAppalling dishonesty has been practised by the Prime Minister and George Oosborne in their desperate attempt to make sure we stay in the EU , lose democracy and become a superstate.  Remain has: Continue reading

Boris slaughters George Osborne in new Times/YouGov poll

borisggeorgeA stunning new YouGov poll for the Times has tremendous results for Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign.  In the poll, Boris and Osbo go head to head comparing key attributes.

borisosbopollWhen the points are added up, Boris beats George by a phenomenal 251 points to 44 points!   Another recent poll on whether George is a natural leader was so embarrassngly low, it is hard to see that he can recover.  George scored only 2 points. Continue reading

Cameron body blow! Insider Steve Hilton argues We HAVE to quit the EU!

Cameron’s guru and best mate Steve Hilton dealt him a knockout punch today by saying the UK is ruled by a “club corruptly captured by a self serving elite”.  Hilton witheringly dismissed Project Fear,  and rubbished claims by the IMF and the Bank of England that we are “stronger together” and “safer within”camhiltonHilton also ripped into the PM’s pathetic attempt at EU reform, revealing that Cam’s pitiful requests were “contemptuously swatted aside”.  If Remain wins, says Steve, the EU will kick the sh…. out  of us. Continue reading

What will Brexit look like? John Redwood gives the answers here

Remain keep asking the question “What  will Brexit (Leave) look like?”.   Some inspiring answers from John Redwood.  John begins:johnredwood“We decided that we often tell them what Brexit looks like, and we should spend the next few weeks telling people again and again what Brexit looks like, because it will be a more prosperous, freer and  more democratic Britain that we create on exit from the EU. So here goes: Continue reading