Tough Justice! Speaker Bercow to be hauled before courts on bullying charges

There will be little sympathy and no tears shed for Speaker John Bercow, who is finally being brought to book for historical bullying charges.  There is a special piquancy that it is a woman, top barrister Rebecca Butler,  who is handing out a long overdue duffing up to a Speaker renowned for his arrogance.

Unity News Network reports: Highly controversial speaker John Bercow could face bullying claims going back several years after Parliamentary authorities opened a formal complaints process just 10 days before he quits as Speaker. Continue reading

In 2001, a gaffe meant Oliver Letwin had to go into hiding. This is worse

In 2001, Letwin, then shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, derailed the Tory GE campaign by suggesting that the Conservatives planned to cut taxes by £20bn, more than double the amount pledged by party leader, William Hague.

Letwin went into hiding for the rest of the campaign but the damage had been done, with Labour producing “wanted” posters for him. Continue reading

Brexit is still on for 31st! Boris Johnson does it again

All decent people were desperately upset when Oliver Letwin pulled his craven stunt to wreck what Boris Johnson so bravely fought for.  Boris has won a deal  that is a million miles from May’s WA, and Fraser Nelson explains how.

But when Oliver Letwin’s vile amendment passed in the Commons,  our hearts sank!  Another Brexit delay!   Not again! Continue reading

Rome wasn’t built in a day – Boris deal is a helluva good start says Fraser Nelson

An article by Fraser Nelson in the Daily Telegraph explains that he believes Boris’s treaty is the real deal.

Put simply, it’s a genuine breakthrough. Continue reading

Give up Remoaners! It’s a done deal and what Boris says, goes!

When Boris Johnson first ran for Mayor, he was told, don’t bother, no Tory will ever win London.  There was a stonking 19% swing to Labour in London at the time.  To everyone’s astonishment, not least Ken Livingstone and the Labour Party, Boris won.   His energy, vision,  imagination and enthusiasm charmed Londoners.  Just to hammer home the point, Boris then did it again.

Fine, but he will never win the Tory leadership, said the Tory diehards.  He is far too outspoken and unconventional, the Tories like traditional leaders.  Of course Bojo sailed past the opposition, including hammy, insincere Jeremy Hunt, and then he was party leader. Continue reading

Abroad, Brits driving on left side of the road, causing accidents, happens all the time

In the US,  Brits forget to drive on the right side of the road all the time.  It is very very common.

In fact, 4 out of 10 accidents in the US are caused by Brits making this awful mistake. As well as all the time in the US, this also happens in Europe. Continue reading

Breakthrough in the tragic case of Harry Dunn

There is news of the  most welcome breakthrough in the terrible case of Harry Dunn.  He was killed on his bike by a US diplomat, Anne Sicoolas, who was driving on the side of the road.  She then fled the country under cover of diplomatic immunity.

A hand delivered letter  from Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, now confirms that Mrs. Sacoolas no longer  has diplomatic immunity in the US.  A huge change of heart means that she is prepared to meet Harry’s parents in the US to talk to them and try to alleviate their pain. Continue reading