Boris right to pay £450M to Iran because we owe them the money

Some tweeters are moaning that Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond have agreed to pay a huge sum like £450 million which will help free Nazanin.  Those people should look at the actual facts and realise we might be in the wrong.

The Sun reports today:  An international court ordered the UK to reimburse Teheran after the MoD reneged on a deal to sell Chieftan tanks to Iran in 1979, but still kept Iran’s cash. Continue reading

Niece of a despot, Tulip Siddiq attacks Boris but does nothing about the suffering of a British national

Sarah Vine in the Daily Mail revealed the hypocrisy of Tulip Siddiq when she described the dreadful fate of British national, Hasnat Karim, a family man who has been arrested and imprisoned without trial or charges.

Sarah reports:  Labour MP Tulip Siddiq has been vocal about the fate of her constituent, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, and the human rights abuse she’s suffering at the hands of the Iranian regime. Since Ms Siddiq is so passionate about human rights, why doesn’t she ask her aunt, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wazed, about the fate of British citizen Hasnat Karim? Continue reading

The Sun says revelations cast doubt on whether Boris Johnson is really to blame for Nazanin’s plight

Revelations shed new light on whether Boris Johnson’s comment is really to blame for Nazanin’s extended incarceration, or  he is just being used by Teheran as an excuse to hold her for longer. 

We already know that the fresh charges against Nazanin were made by October 9th, as detailed in the Daily Telegraph, while Boris Johnson’s comment was made on 1st November. Richard Ratcliffe has prevaricated over this point, many believe to dump blame unfairly on the Foreign Secretary  Continue reading

Shameless Richard Ratcliffe is still not telling the truth over Nazanin charges

In what looked like the beginning of a climbdown, after letting Boris Johnson be viciously dumped on for a week,  the Mail reported:   “Richard Ratcliffe revealed Iran had been looking at extending her {Nazanin’s) sentence before Mr. Johnson’s gaffe, telling ITV news:  “In fairness, there were hints of new charges before he made the comments.”

There is no fairness in Mr. Ratcliffe’s comments, in fact, they are an outright lie. Continue reading

Dual nationality means Nazanin is not entitled to British help and she knew that

The tweets below show the huge risk Nazanin Ratcliffe took in going to Iran on holiday.  Dual nationals are not allowed British help. As a mother, she put herself in a very difficult situation.

Boris with Iranian PM

Continue reading

The hand grenade that is Boris’s dad, Stanley Johnson, is about to appear on I’m a Celeb!

OMIGOD!  The ticking time bomb that is Stanley Johnson is on his way to Australia to appear in I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!  There are two possibilities, slim and none, that breezy, outspoken, hilarious Stanley won’t create absolute havoc amongst the vanilla celebs who usually take part.  

Motor mouth Stanley is just the sort of intrepid, fearless Indiana Jones type that the producers have been praying for. Continue reading

Breaking! Telegraph article proves new Nazanin charges made in October, long before comments of Boris Johnson

An article in the Daily Telegraph proves that the fresh charges made against Nazanin were made in early October, before the comments of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. So the hysteria whipped up by the MSM that Boris was the cause of the fresh charges is a total lie.  Boris spoke to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee on 1st November.  

The MSM and malicious lefties are left with egg on their faces as a Telegraph article confirms the fake charges could not possibly have been anything to do with anything Boris said, as confirmed by the Iranian Minister. Continue reading