Guido Fawkes: Boris Johnson put his heart into campaigning for Brexit!

The truth about Boris Johnson and his attitude to Brexit.  Blogger Guido Fawkes had this to say about Alan Duncan’s cruel denunciation of Boris and his attitude to winning the campaign. borisbrexit10Guido explained:  “In comments recorded before the referendum and broadcast last night onBrexit: A Very British Coup Duncan said:

“I’ve always thought that Boris’s wish was to lose by one so that he could be the heir apparent without having to have all the… you know, s-h-1-t of clearing up all the mess, that’s always been my view of Boris.”

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Remainers are in denial and have no idea what matters to voters

After all Remain have been through, they still don’t get it.  Their attitude on social media is, if possible, even more patronising to Leavers.  But 35% of the 93.3 million who voted Labour in the General Election voted Leave and these voters are flocking to the Tories.mayosbohammondYouGov reported recently that only 48 per cent of the 3.3 million would still vote Labour in a general election held now.  Some nine per cent – around 297,000 people – have switched to the Tories. Continue reading

Video of Boris Johnson keeping us updated on progress at the UN

The United Nations has issued a video of Boris Johnson talking about his work at the UN.  It’s great to be updated on what is happening  Other Foreign Secretaries have tended to be mysterious about the job, did Phillip Hammond inform us on anything, ever? Continue reading

Alan Duncan’s attack on Boris Johnson contradicts the facts

On my website I have at least 50 articles by Boris Johnson criticising the EU and saying we should leave.  These date right back to 2009, when I started blogging. There are more than a hundred anti EU articles he wrote before that for the Daily Telegraph, starting in 1989 when he became a Brussels journalist, so how Alan Duncan can say Boris wanted Brexit to lose beats me!borisalanduncanA sample of one of these articles is here.  Written in 2014, it prophetically declares Brussels must hand back power to the Peasants Revolt.  It was Boris who invented the word “Eurosceptic”. Continue reading

Boris blasts the UN with full force over Syria

Boris Johnson bashed the UN with huge force this afternoon over world inaction and inertia over Syria. “400,000 dead and the UN has blood on its hands,” said our Foreign Secretary.childtraumatised3Boris has never believed in suffering in silence. He will now vigorously push this issue as hard as he can, with no letup, because something has got to give. Continue reading

There is no international issue more important than Syria, says Boris Johnson

Journalists are commenting how well Boris Johnson is doing in the UN.  Today he made the following statement on Syria.borisunForeign Secretary Boris Johnson condemns aid convoy attack in Syria.

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Boris is a world class salesman says Standard journalist Pippa Crerar

Pippa Crerar, popular journalist of the London Standard, followed Boris Johnson for eight years on his travels drumming up trade and investment when he was Mayor of London.  Boris is trusted and respected by the City.  He has been outstandingly successful in raising billions in foreign investment for London, and multi millions in trade deals.  He has also raised over £500 million in funding from the City. borischina2Boris took over from Ken Livingstone when London was in recession.   He boosted the London economy so effectively, while reviving the jobs market, that when he left, London was the number one city in the world. Continue reading