Mini cab drivers are livid because finally they have to comply with regs

Until now, minicab drivers have had a free ride as far as regulations are concerned.  George Osborne, bosom buddy of Travis Kalanick, the Uber boss, made sure that mini cab applications were rushed through with the minimum of fuss, while black cab drivers have regulations and security checks up the ying yang.

Osbo was the Uber villain, but now he's gone

Osbo was the Uber villain, but now he’s gone

No more.  The regulations worked out by previous Mayor Boris Johnson are coming into force and Osbo is gone. Continue reading

Top level politics? Or Junior High?

Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson had a cat fight on twitter, sniping at each other like two stroppy teenagers, over a ship building contract.  It was straight out of Mean Girls. nicolaruthMiriam Clegg jeered at SamCam for serving her roast chicken for lunch with a tube of Hellmans mayonnaise. She then jibed at Ed Miliband’s kids for not knowing how to cook scrambled eggs.   Apparently, she gets back at Tories she doesn’t like by serving them fiery hot red peppers. Continue reading

Knickers to gloomadons, fight for Brexit!

It’s vital to keep up confidence right now, because the ultimate outcome of Brexit is never in doubt. Since there is so much good news to talk about, it’s strange that the TV media is unrelentingly negative, as is the entire lefty press.boriseusummit4The Bank of England says it sees “no evidence” of a sharp economic slowdown and the pound gained in strength as a result.  Any downturn is likely to be temporary and it will not be possible to judge the effects of Brexit for many months.  Positive job figures showing unemployment falling and record numbers in work were heralded by new Prime Minister Theresa May. Continue reading

Boris Johnson is unafraid to challenge the US Prez if he believes he is wrong

Forget the fuming lefties, bitter Remainers and uncomprehending US journos.  Boris is loved by the British people  because he gave up a plum job in Cameron’s government to take the gamble of his life.  He fought for the rights of ordinary people in the EU Referendum and against seemingly insuperable obstacles,  he won! Significantly, he was the star of his first EU summit. boriskindBoris Johnson is a Kings Scholar, who studied the Classics at Oxford.  The education he has had imbued him with a deep respect for the rights of the populace.  Cameron failed to achieve EU reform, our sovereignty was lost, the people could not vote on our EU lawmakers, so that,  for Boris, was the deal breaker. Continue reading

Boris steals the show at the EU summit

It was ever thus.   He has vigorously bashed the EU and its members to Hades and back with outrageously inflammatory criticisms.  He compared the EU to Hitler – he was making a point about political strategy also true of Napoleon and Caligula.  They were fit to be tied,  calling him all sorts, then after one meeting, one glimpse of the dimples, the charm and the softly expressed but shockingly pertinent comments and they are jostling each other to get close to him, begging for more.boriseusummitEuranet reported:  EU foreign ministers made a general commitment to aid France defeat terrorism, while calling for restraint following Turkey’s attempted coup, during a meeting in which new UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson stole the show.
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This time it’s serious. Boris gives up £MMs to concentrate on the day job

Boris Johnson gave his all to carry out his job as Mayor of London, and he did it with great success,  but his actions today show how deeply serious he is about tackling his job as Foreign Secretary.borissolemnNot only has he returned his half a million pound advance to his publishers (he was commissioned to write a book on Shakespeare), but he has given up his hugely lucrative Daily Telegraph column.  Boris is such a  talented writer, the Telegraph was paying him £275,000 a week for his outrageously popular brand of journalism. Continue reading

Foreign diplomats are lining up to meet the bad boy of British politics

They may be snotty in public, but secretly, European diplomats are lining up to meet the bad boy of British politics on his first official trip to the capital this week. The real reason the dinner for the 28 member states was cancelled is because they want to avoid any appearance of Brexit discussions before the process is triggered. borisGQ2It is Boris’s journalism that has them all rigid with fascinated horror. He called George W Bush a cross-eyed Texan war monger and won the Spectator prize for the dirtiest political limerick that rhymed “Ankara” with “wankerer”. These are milder examples of Boris’s outrageously rude but wildly lucrative style. Continue reading