PM Cam’s clear promise we can decide means absolutely nothing then?

In the House of Commons, on 22nd Febuary, 2016, David Cameron made the following pledge to the British people.camboris2“It is time for the British people to have their say,” he said. “It is time to settle this European question in British politics. I say to the British people: this will be your decision.” Continue reading

The deal breakers – Boris Johnson’s tough four point plan for Brexit

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has clearly laid out his four point plan for Brexit. He discussed it with Sky’s Murnaghan yesterday.borischinThe Foreign Secretary told Sky News the Prime Minister wants to retain control of borders, control of money, control of laws and the ability to do free trade deals

Boris is not in favour of Britain paying huge sums into EU coffers for the best access to the single market, although David Davis and Philip Hammond are said to like the idea. But Boris told Andrew Marr, at the moment, it was all just speculation. Continue reading

After spouting fake news, Sky finds a new way to demean itself

borismurnaghan2Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is dealing with Aleppo, Yemen, Syria, Brexit and the EU, amongst other serious situations.  He has been praised by journalists and the Foreign Office for the speed at which he grasps his briefs,  his energy, his vision and his optimistic outlook.    How sad then what happened in  an interview with Sky’s Murnaghan.

Ignoring the vital and fascinating issues that Boris is dealing with, Mr. Murnaghan decided to use part of the interview for a pub quiz.  Maintaining his good humour, Boris walked out. Continue reading

Who is behind the smear campaign on Boris Johnson?

Boris was conveniently  abroad last week when Sky News launched the accusation against him that he had been deceiving the public.  He really wanted free movement all along.  Boris was not there to defend himself, so Sky made the most of it. Sky newscasters were reporting every fifteen minutes that Boris was a fraud.  He had lied when he campaigned for control of our borders.

borisquizzical17Nick Clegg was wheeled out to put the knife in deeper.  “Boris Johnson has been taking the public for fools” he declaimed theatrically. The evidence was provided by four EU ambassadors, all of whom declined to give their names. Continue reading

It’s the humane thing to do, says Boris Johnson re. amnesty for illegals

In a recent Cabinet meeting, Boris Johnson stoutly defended a previous idea he had as Mayor.  Boris believes it is the humane thing to do to grant an amnesty to anyone who has lived and worked here for 10 years.borisillegalsThis will also help the economy.  Illegals who are working are not on the tax system.  If they were pardoned, they could join the tax system, with a significant boost to the economy. Continue reading

Osbo’s plan to get back into power! Oh dear God NO!

In his all consuming race for the top, George Osborne has made more effort than most.  According to Hickey of the Daily Express yesterday, Osbo had “speech lessons to lower his voice, a Caesar type coiffure to hide his receding hairline and he went on the trendy 5:2 diet” to slim down.”georgechildcatcherIn vain.  But now George acknowledges his persona was at fault.  He says “I wasn’t showing enough vulnerability”  Oh dear God No! Continue reading

The emergency debate in the Commons on Aleppo

There was an emergency debate held in the House of Commons today on Aleppo, with Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood answering questions.syriaaleppoMr. Ellwood began with a statement on the latest developments in  Aleppo, the latest being that Assad’s forces have been making inroads into Eastern Aleppo, where not one hospital is left standing. Continue reading