Lone wolf or covert op? When Gove knifed Boris, evidence he wasn’t acting alone

When Gove launched his Boris Johnson show stopper,  knifing his friend of 30 years in the front, he went to great pains to explain that it was a spur of the moment thing.  Incensed at Boris’s “lack of focus”, he decided in the space of a few hours, to leave the Boris team.  Boris had taken a day off to play cricket, or who knows, needed a break from Gove’s incessant demands for more and more power.boriscricket4A hectic EU Referendum campaign meant that Boris Johnson needed some relaxation and fresh air. He was the front man, and had born the full pressure of the campaign, fighting every debate, delivering endless speeches and bearing the brunt of vicious Remain smear campaigns.

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Death blow to Remain? May to trigger Brexit without Commons vote

YES!  It’s about to happen.  The stubborn refusal of Remainers to face reality over Brexit is about to receive a shattering blow!  Theresa May will trigger Brexit without heeding the demands of the loony Left to hold a Commons vote.blairmajorKen Clarke and his 100 MPs. Tory grandees, and the Blairite faction  have lost and must accept that a  thousand MPs cannot overturn the will of the people. Continue reading

Twenty-one fascinating facts you didn’t know about Boris Johnson

There are many articles that list 21 things we didn’t know about Boris Johnson.  Here are some facts you really didn’t know.

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The bizarre behaviour of Liam Fox could damage Brexit

Brexit is a turning point in British history, a huge step foward for Britain and a cause for great rejoicing.  It is absolutely vital that Brexit should be delivered, properly and soon. So why Liam Fox is behaving in the way he is seems inexplicable.EU referendumMr. Fox from the start has behaved in a provocative, disruptive manner towards his fellow Brexiteers.  Considering the importance of his task, this is beyond my comprehension. The Daily Mail reported:  “Just weeks after the two Brexit campaigners were elevated to the Cabinet by Theresa May, Dr Fox told the Foreign Secretary that his newly-created International Trade Department should be handed control of economic diplomacy. Continue reading

Crass EU tries to hijack Olympic glory

An embarrassing faux pas saw the EU clumsily trying to hijack Olympic glory mid-stream.  Countries applied to compete individually, but when did reality ever stop the EU steamrollering their will onto any situation, however inappropriately?eumedalstableThe EU has decided they should be at the top of the medals table.  Even though Team GB applied to complete as Team GB yonks ago, and the competion is well underway, we are now yanked into Team EU without any consultation. Continue reading

Putin welcomes warmer communication with our new Foreign Secretary

Boris once called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “manipulative tyrant” and likened him to the big-eared, bug-eyed “house elf” from the Harry Potter series. But the surprise appointment of Boris Johnson to head the British Foreign Office is being cautiously welcomed by Moscow.   Russia has greeted the change in Foreign Secretaries and Prime Ministers, with qualified approval.  David Cameron’s departure was greeted with Russian cheers.Putin4While Putin has not avoided the undiplomatic jibes Johnson has trained on several world leaders, Russian officials suggested that the change in government in Britain — following Prime Minister David Cameron’s departure in the wake of the ‘Brexit’ vote to leave the EU — presents a chance to pipe some warmth into ties that that have been chilly for a decade. Continue reading

John Redwood calms Brexit fears

A tweet from John Redwood has gone a long way towards calming Brexit fears.  It links to an BBC article in which Mr. Redwood dismissed Brexit delay claims as “idle chatter”.redwoodbrexitThe BBC reported: “Conservative MP and veteran Eurosceptic Mr Redwood told the BBC he did not “buy” reports of a delay, saying they were “idle chatter by people who don’t know the prime minister’s mind”.

He said his understanding was that Mrs May did not want the issue dominating the next Parliament and wanted to “get on with it”.

Brexit, he added, “can happen pretty quickly”.

John Redwood has battled for Brexit for 30 years.  He is the last person to mislead anxious Brexiteers, take heart Leavers, it will happen!

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