His most cynical U turn yet! Sadiq Khan vowed to defend democracy!

There is actually some good stuff in Sadiq Khan’s conference speech of 2014.  In fact much of it would find approval with Boris Johnson and the Leave campaigners.   These were his words at the Labour Party Conference then.

Labour Party Conference - Day Four… democracy is more than just voting. People should play a part in the way the country is run at all times.

But I say to you Mr Cameron, we’ll stop you stripping the British people of their rights. Continue reading

Sensation! Boris proved right over reason for Obama’s British bias says Express

Sensation!  Evidence has just surfaced that Boris Johnson was  right in claiming Obama had resentment to the British and the US Prez has, shamefully, been telling us porky pies! The President has frequently moaned that his grandfather was beaten  up by the British during the Mau Mau uprisings.ObamaTTIP2Not only  in 2012,  did Frederick Forsyth write an article in the Express,  saying the President’s claims don’t add up, but Ann Widdecombe today confirms that Boris has told nothing but the truth. Ann wrote:

“POOR Boris Johnson is getting a great deal of flak over his attack on the interfering President of the United States and especially for alleging that Obama sent back a bust of Churchill and was anti-British.Rubbish, says Mr President, he just loves Churchill.

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Remain trying to launch another smear campaign against Bojo, yaawwwnnnn

Another day, another feeble attempt to take out Boris Johnson?  So  what’s new?borissleepingThey don’t work.  Obama gave his all – the only result was Leave gained points!  Boris bounced back sunny side up! Continue reading

In Daily Telegraph, Boris accuses Bremain of underestimating the British public

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson sums  up the fury of the British people!  The smug elite as typified by traitor Cam and Obama feel they have got us taped, tread  on us hard enough, and we will roll over.  They want to take from us the last thng we have!  Our rights!  Oh no they won’t!cameronobamaBoris begins:“So I gather they think it’s game over. The Bremainers think they have bombed us into submission.They think that we have just seen the turning point in the referendum campaign, and that the British people are so intimidated by these testimonials – American presidents, business leaders, fat cats of every description – that they now believe the British people will file meekly to the polls in two months time and consent to stay in the EU; and thereby to the slow and insidious erosion of democracy in this country. Continue reading

An outraged Lord Sugar says don’t vote for Sadiq Khan

Lord Alan Sugar, as well as a brilliantly astute businessman is known as a philanthropist, who mentors and finances hardworking talent. He is trending on twitter right now,  his comments on Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayoral hopeful, in the Sunday Times already a sensation.  Below, the famously blunt Lord Sugar gives the unvarnished truth about Khan. lordsugar“I joined Labour in 1997 because it had shown it could be trusted with the economy. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown believed in a strong private sector. They knew you could afford to pay for good schools and a decent NHS only if you let businesses get on with delivering jobs and growth. Sure, the party had some loony lefties; one of them even became mayor of London. But with that one exception, they weren’t in a position to do any damage. Continue reading

The US “special relationship” means we give, they take!

If you look at the facts, it is pretty obvious, that the so called “special relationship” is not all it is cracked up to be, at least as far as Britain is concerned.cameronobamacartoonIn World War 2, FDR certainly did not rush to our aid, as Obama pretends.  He steadily insisted, in spite of the desperate pleas of Winston Churchill, that the US would remain neutral, in other words, he left us to the Nazis.   He only changed his mind when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbour and American butts were on the line. Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s reference to Kenyan suffering misunderstood by twitter mob

Isn’t it always the way?  Mob rule took over on twitter against Boris Johnson because tweeters didn’t know their British history. What happened in Kenya is a huge blot on British colonial dealings, one of the very worst episodes involving  the British Empire.   Details are hear.MauMauAt one stage over 90,000 Kenyans were slaughtered by the British army.  Anyone with any Kenyan blood would be bound to be deeply distraught and traumatised by what happened. Continue reading