Letter from Scot in Standard shows SNP are not what they seem

A letter in the London Standard clearly shows another side of the SNP and the deep concern of many Scots, who know only too well, the SNP are not what they seem.SalmondDoc1GT“As a Scot, living NHS in London, I have been following this election with rising horror as people increasingly warm to the SNP, north and south of the border. I do not believe the SNP is a democratic threat, but any party that believes  full fiscal autonomy is a viable policy for Scotland is not credible. Continue reading

Boris gives Ed and Nicola a reality check

It was all getting bloody ridiculous!  Ed Miiband, an absolute backstabber if ever I saw one, was still milking mileage out of the so called “negative campaigning of the Tories! We, the Tories, had gone so so negative! Apart from wrecking his brother’s life, Ed has insulted and hurt the entire community of British Jews, so badly, they all say they can’t vote for him, and call him toxic.  But the media has decided it’s negative to mention it!borisrosetteBoris Johnson wrote a colourful article loaded with memorable examples of how terrible it would be for the country if Labour formed a pact with the SNP. We would be ruined, so he was entitled to be as forceful as he could,   Nicola Sturgeon was upset because of the analogy of Herod and a baby arm.  This  was absolutely offensive,  she was upsets, how could he, and so on. Continue reading

Sturgeon needs to man up and stop being such a cry baby!

It started to show in the second leadership debate.  In the first debate, unchallenged, free to push Ed around and make over the top statements, Nicola Sturgeon shone.  But in the second debate,  it was different.  Nicola was challenged on her record by a clued up Ruth Davidson.  She glared at Davidson, looking distinctly uncomfortable.nicolaangryIn the third debate, surrounded by weak opposition, Sturgeon was free once more to make grandiose claims.  She spoke for Scotland! (untrue).  She even had the cheek to say to Ed  Miliband “if you don’t join with me and lock David Cameron out of No. 10, the UK will never forgive you!” So she is speaking for the entire UK now!  Not very truthful! Continue reading

The Boris Battle Cry that ignited the election

A stirring article by Boris Johnson in the Daily Mail has ignited the election. which until now has been too close to call. Boris has been fighting a street to street campaign on his own, which has galvanised every Tory supporter he met.  Now he has galvanised the nation.borisus3Boris begins:  “The other day I was driving past the port at Bristol and I saw all those thousands of cars lined up on the quayside – and whoa… I did a double take. There they were: phalanx upon phalanx of shiny new vehicles glinting like Dinky toys in the sun; and I suddenly realised that they weren’t arriving in this country. Continue reading

In his article on the SNP, Boris says, you wouldn’t get Herod to run a baby farm, would you?

We need boundary change because the present system unfairly favours Labour by  about 30 seats.  Nick Clegg put paid to that by breaking the Coalition Agreement. Even so, Ed Miliband is not popular enough to win on his own.  As Boris Johnson explains in the Daily Telelgraph, he can only win with the help of the SNP.  Boris begins:

“You wouldn’t get Herod to run a baby farm, would you? It would not normally occur to you to interview a convicted jewel thief for the post of custodian of the Tower of London.nicolasturgeonYou would not dream of asking a fox to look after the henhouse or a temperance campaigner to run a brewery or Attila the Hun to work as a doorkeeper for the Roman senate – and no one in their right mind would enter into a contract with a bunch of voracious weevils to protect the lovely old timbers in the tower of the local church. Would they?

Continue reading

More horrific details of SNP irresponsible spending!

It is shocking to read how Alex Salmond threw around public funds while he and Sturgeon in public preached about the less well off and children in poverty.   They talk about the suffering of the  Scottish people, but the  truth is Salmond and Sturgeon have an appallingly irresponsible attitude to public money.alexsalmond4Before Indy Ref., in March 2014, the Daily Record reported: “A STAGGERING £1.3million of public money was spent on Alex Salmond’s “independence bible”, figures showed yesterday. Continue reading

The SNP pose as the Peoples’ Party, but claim highest expenses in UK politics

The current enthusiasm for Nicola Sturgeon,  some of it even in the Tory Party, is, I believe, misplaced.  Progressive politics is just a term she grandly slings around to big up irresponsible spending.sturgeonhypocrite2Sturgeon is not the champion of the people as she pretends, neither is Alex Salmond.  Examine these crucial facts. Continue reading