Scots lefties are fibbing about Boris Johnson article again

edcartoon2As usual, twitter is full of cocky Scots Indy Ref supporters, bragging that a Labour/SNP working relationship is a done deal, and Ed is about to march into Number 10.  To help him on his way, they are, as usual, misrepresenting Boris’s Daily Telegraph article. Continue reading

If Miliband wants to be PM, he will have to let the Scottish tail wag the English dog says Boris

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson begins: “Well, folks, this is it, then. Today is the day that the royal hands are kissed (not, I think, literally). The bomb-proof prime ministerial Jag will zoom back down the Mall and across the country thousands of relentlessly jovial parliamentary candidates – including your correspondent – will descend on the shell-shocked electorate in what they are all calling the most nail-biting, cliff-hanging, knife-edging photofinish of a campaign: the closest election of modern times.edcartoonAs it happens, I agree strongly with the betting markets in thinking that the country, in the end, will get it right. People will see that there is a choice between a Conservative Party that has done an outstanding job of turning the economy round, delivering record employment, record numbers of new businesses, record apprenticeships – and a high-taxing, union-dominated Labour Party that would take this country back to the Seventies.

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Zero hour contracts are being demonised by the left.

The Left seem to think they only have to spout the words “zero hour contracts” and they have shamed the right.  Andrew Neil is flattening Lucy Powell on that subject right now on BBC Sunday Politics. Lucy is right that the number on zero hour contracts  has risen, but fails to mention that the overall percentage of workers on zero hour contracts is tiny, only 3.1% of the total UK workforce. Toby Young puts it as low as 2.3%.evilimp

Research from the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, shows a far more positive picture. Over 50% of workers on ZH contracts have similar work satisfaction to people in regular jobs. Continue reading

Paxo lets Ed off the hook – Susanna Reid did a much better job!

It wasn’t the magnificent Paxo triumph the newspapers made out.  Paxo interviewed Ed Miliband and the PM and although he can still sneer and snarl with the best of them,  his attempts to rattle Ed signally failed.edpaxoSusanna Reid and Charlotte did twice as well as Paxo on Good Morning Britain,  and grilled Ed like a chipolata.   Between them, they showed Ed up as a) totally out of touch on the cost of living  b) a hypocrite, pointing out that he rants and raves over zero hour contracts, but Labour MPs and councillors use them all the time and c) an unsuitable leader.  By the time they got to c) Ed, caught totally unprepared, was visibly twitching. By the end of the interview, he was in pieces. Continue reading

The daftest suggestions to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear

The legendary Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked from Top Gear and the public is lining up to suggest suitable replacements.  Some suggestions are so laughable, it’s clear many have never bothered to analyse the attraction of the programme.  The ideal host must be a “lad!”   A butch, non PC, man’s man, with knowledge and appreciation of cars, a robust sense of humour,   red blooded, instant sex appeal, who enjoys challenging the establishment and bows to no man. Easy, right?Clarkson2It’s hard therefore to understand why many people have suggested Stephen Fry.  Sadly, Stephen has suffered from depression all his life, and at times has seemed too sensitive for even the rough and tumble of twitter.   Erudite certainly, popular, definitely, but  “lad” is the last word to describe him. Continue reading

Now the Telegraph reveals another crushing triumph for Boris!

Now the Telegraph is in on the act!  Another stunning poll win for Boris Johnson over his colleagues.borispollrivals2

Most popular politician on the planet, and unquestionably capable on winning an overall majority for the Tories! No other politician in the UK can make that claim.  Continue reading

Black cab drivers must avoid a PR disaster and modernise – FAST

Let’s suspend all the arguments about whose fault this is, (although the facts prove it is not the fault of the Mayor) and look at the situation black cab drivers are in from a purely PR point of view.  Black cabs are a class item, like Rolex watches, for the first time facing tough challenges, from the EU, and from other companies. sherlockcab2Any PR agency would advise drivers to radically alter their attitude on twitter and the social media.  Even if Uber and other mini cabs don’t kill off the trade, some black cab drivers on twitter seem hell bent on doing it on their own.  Perception is so important, but cab drivers aren’t helping themselves. Continue reading