Lord Brittan is proved innocent. No evidence, but he was convicted on twitter

Lord Leon Brittan has been proved innocent His accuser,  a Labour activist with severe mental problems,  said the charges of rape and assault were concocted “for a laugh”.  He now felt guilty but then again, he may just have been confused.  It is time, said the accuser sanctimoniously, for the truth to be told!  Thanks for that!  The police have confirmed there is no evidence. The suffering heaped on him and Lady Brittan in his final days cannot be imagined.lordbrittanBoris Johnson, who knew Lord Brittan well, said openly he didn’t believe the charges.  He was viciously attacked by child abuse campaigners. Continue reading

The great speech in full that made Boris Johnson the star of the 2015 Tory Conference

This outstanding speech that made Boris Johnson the star of the Tory conference, is possibly his best speech ever.

“Thank you Zac, and thank you for just showing once again that you have exactly the qualities of originality and drive that will help you win in London in May. I tell you when I knew we were going to be all right in that amazing election and it wasn’t the Ed stone the heaviest suicide note in history or the mysterious second kitchen.borisconference2It was when I was walking one of those furiously contested high streets in North West London where one week the Tory posters went up, only to vanish next week in favour of Labour posters and we were busy restoring the Tory posters when a shopkeeper told me that he had definitely made his mind up and for the first time in his life he was switching right across from Labour to Tory because he just didn’t think that Labour under Miliband would be on the side of businesses like his and then another Asian shopkeeper said exactly the same and then another and I was so struck that in the evening I texted the PM – no profanities on either side, I promise and I said: mate we are going to win this thing. Continue reading

OUTRAGE! Boris opposed DLA cuts, but is physically attacked by jeering DLA protestors

It’s the beginning of the Tory Conference, and Jeremy  Corbyn has promised a kinder politics and a more caring society“.  No sign of that, as Tories were spat at and called “scum”!DLAprotest3A  group of DLA protesters physically attacked Boris Johnson over cuts.  He laughed, but it wasn’t really funny.  Boris had passionately opposed DLA cuts, to huge praise from DLA campaigners.  Now he was attacked by protestors, who hadn’t the brain to do any research.

@KingYoof  Can’t stop laughing @MayorofLondon getting pelted by disabled protesters. Shame it wasn’t bricks https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=Xanz1yv4ep0Continue reading

It’s not about getting rid of Uber says Boris, it’s getting them to play fair

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris sets everyone straight about Uber.  This is not about getting rid of them, but getting them to play fair.

OK, OK, I get it. I hear you, my friends; in fact, I am with you. I have been deluged in the last few days by correspondence from people after my own heart – rampant, frothing, free-market Conservatives. We hate cartels, we hate Spanish practices, and we hate anything that amounts to a conspiracy against the consumer. So I can see why there has been such indignation about a Transport for London (TfL) consultation on the humdrum subject of licences for minicabs. As soon as the paper was published last week, my inbox silted up with protests from friends.uberappsDon’t bash Uber, they wail, and the phones in City Hall have been ringing off the hook with scandalised calls. I understand completely the points they make: that Uber and other such apps are helping to create jobs for thousands. The service is cheap, it is convenient, it is ever more popular. As I write, 128,620 people have signed a petition calling for TfL to drop its proposals – and I am inclined to believe those numbers are genuine: that there is a massive and growing constituency of people who use the app, and who swear by it. Continue reading

What do Bear Grylls, Eddie Redmayne and Ian Fleming all have in common?

Adventurer Bear Grylls, actor Eddie Redmayne and Bond writer Ian Fleming all have one thing in common.  Add Lib Dem leader Jeremy Thorpe, spy Guy Burgess and psychologist Oliver James to the list.beargryllsSherlock Holmes actor Jeremy Brett?  Socialist writer George Orwell?  House actor Hugh Laurie?  Got it yet?  Continue reading

Uber under global attack for lawlessness, as Boris gets tough

Feeble claims that Boris Johnson is “backing a black cab cartel” or “opposing technology” are blown sky high by anyone who checks out world news. Lawless Uber is being sued worldwide for their loose cannon business strategy that makes a mockery of the laws of the land.

Rio de Janeiro has banned Uber

Rio de Janeiro has banned Uber

In the US,  Uber is facing a massive lawsuit re. allegedly erroneous safety claims.

CNBC reported on the “global onslaughtattacking Uber over their inability to accept that there were rules. Continue reading

Lawless Uber about to face a massive crackdown and quite right too!

The regulations suggested by the LTDA that were submitted to TfL were accepted in their entirety and now Uber is facing regulation that will radically alter some of its key features. A consultation will now take place at TfL.   Stand firm Boris, was the cry from the LTDA to our Mayor. cabhansomThe PH proposals

TfL is consulting on 25 proposals for private hire companies – several of which could seriously affect Uber:

Continue reading