If Caroline Pidgeon really wanted to help the black cab trade, she would help them to modernise

It was significant that when Caroline Pidgeon spoke about the difficulties facing the black cab trade, never once did she mention the word “modernisation”.  Boris Johnson explained yesterday at the London Assembly that technology was marching on.  Over a million Londoners have the Uber app and that, combined with lower fares, is contributing to the demise of black cabs.

A minicab driver gives his view of attempts ot block Uber

A minicab driver gives his view of attempts ot block Uber

The Mayor has to consider all Londoners,  not just black cab drivers, with whom he made plain,  he deeply sympathises. By refusing to  do the same, Pidgeon is selling black cab drivers short.  It would be more honest to acknowledge the progress of technology and help the black cab trade to move with the times. Continue reading

Boris Johnson tells black cabbies the truth and doesn’t sugar coat it

At the London Assembly today,Boris Johnson did the kindest thing he could do. He told a conference hall full of black cab drivers the truth and he didn’t sugarcoat it.Boris Johnson

Boris intends to limit the number of minicabs in the capital. He “sees no reason” why he should meet with Uber but will go ahead with seeking legislation to do this anyway.  There is too much congestion, pollution,and illegal parking in this city.  Boris would like to see quantity licencing. Continue reading

What exactly is progressive about Sturgeon’s progressive politics?

Nicola Sturgeon is fond of grandiose references to “progressive politics”,  but conveniently never explains what they are.  She also claims Scotland can “spend its way out of austerity.”sturgeoncheeringIt would appear from what Sturgeon was planning to do to Ed Miliband that progressive politics are actually the opposite.  Progressive politics means regressing to old style socialism of income distribution, massive public spending, and universal benefits   Worst of all, it means a return to a control freak state. Continue reading

Never in all its history has Palmyra faced a threat as brutal as today says Boris

Boris Johnson writes in the Daily Telegraph of the tragedy it would be to lose Palmyra to Isil.  He begins:  “The other day, I was trying to persuade a political friend of the urgency of doing something to save Palmyra. To be fair to him he understood the horror of what could happen in the next few days. My friend had never been to the ancient city, so I tried to evoke the glory of the colonnades, the temples, the sculptures.palmyra2I explained the sense of wonder that fills the visitor as you watch the dawn break on these vast fields of rosy old masonry, the amazement at coming far into the deserts of Arabia and finding structures that derive so plainly from ancient Greece and Rome. I think I got across my almost-physical sickness at the idea of surrendering this urban masterpiece to the monsters of Isil.

Continue reading

The Blame Game. Black cab drivers try to make Boris the fall guy

Adam blamed Eve.  Stalin blamed Trotsky. The Bishop of Carlisle blamed the Tories’ pro gay legislation for the floods of 2007.  Larkin blamed your mum and dad, and everyone blamed Jade Goody on CBB, as she wailed she was being used as “an escape goat.”

Ken Russell's film The Devils

Ken Russell’s film The Devils

Black cab drivers (NOT all, but a large group) have issues over Uber and congestion, but refuse to accept, however many times it is repeated, that the Mayor of London is bound by the law. Continue reading

Organised lefty smear campaign attacks Boris Johnson over his MP role

Labour smear campaigns aplenty attacked Boris Johnson during the election, and they are still going on.  A organised effort to make out that Boris is coining it in now he has won Uxbridge is taking place on twitter.  The truth is, the Mayor is taking a salary decrease while assuming two extra responsibilities.russellbrand2The GLA rules that any Mayor who also wins a seat as an MP, must lose two thirds of their Mayoral salary.  That means Boris loses £98,000 of his Mayoral salary. He receives the £67,000 for being an MP.  So Boris ends up earning £115,000,instead of £143,000 Continue reading

Boris Johnson can become an MP and still remain as Mayor of London

To answer the confusion over Boris Johnson becoming an MP, as well as his role as Mayor of London, the facts are these.borisno102There is no conflict of interest in Boris becoming an MP

Boris Johnson is within the rules in becoming an MP.  The link shows that according to the GLA, “….. there is no legal or constitutional impediment to Boris subsequently becoming Mayor Johnson MP (Update, 12:20). Continue reading