Gina Miller case heard in two months – how long for Tilbrook case?

Whereas the Gina Miller case was so widely covered in the media, she became a household name, it is glaringly obvious that no such attention is being given by the MSM to the far more important Robin Tilbrook case.

How can this be?  The case being brought by Robin Tilbrook and the case by Sir Bill Cash are both so hugely important, the results will change our lives forever.  Surely they deserve more attention that a few brief mentions in the Daily Mail and the Express? Continue reading

Breaking! Robin Tilbrook update on the progress of his court case

Every fair minded patriot is waiting with bated breath for news of the court date of the Robin Tilbrook case!  Our arrogant PM ignored English law, because she thought she  could get away with swapping letters with Donald Tusk!

Warrior Saint Michael

Well she can’t!  Because the correct legal process was ignored,  legally we left the EU on 29th March.  As Peter Bone said, Theresa May may think she is still in the EU, but she actually isn’t! The case of RobinTilbrook is also supportd by Sir Bill Cash. Continue reading

I have always liked David Lammy, says peace loving Boris

In the Daily Telegraph today,  Boris Johnson sends a message of hope to battle weary Brexiteers and Remainers.  Once we are out, the name calling will end!   Boris begins:

The sooner we leave the EU, the sooner the name-calling will end

I know it may not feel much like it at the moment, but some day soon we are going to get out. Unless we MPs have taken leave of our senses, we will honour the wishes of the people. Unless the PM has some secret plan to stifle Brexit with a series of ever more ludicrous delays, it seems to me all but inevitable that we will eventually respect the result of the 2016 referendum and leave the European Union. Continue reading

Breaking! Sir Bill Cash to take May and the government to court over “unlawful” Article 50

Sir Bill Cash has spent weeks conferring  with QCs and former judges, on the vital question of the legality of May’s withdrawal process.  The result is, he believes the British Government’s extension of Article 50 is unlawful.

For some reason,  his concerns have hardly been mentioned in the media, probably because of their pro Remain bias.  Every tv channel receives millions from the EU.  Continue reading

Boris correct. Six polls prove people want No Deal

Boris Johnson was getting a pasting from the likes of Robert Peston, because he said most polls favoured No Deal.  Peston and his cohorts were sneering this was wrong.  In about half an hour, I have found six polls that show that most people want No  Deal.

Continue reading

May is paying some MPs millions to back her deal

On 16th March,  May paid Esther McVey 21 million for her constituency on the condition she backed the WA.  To her credit, Esther McVey was honest enough to write an article in the Daily Telegraph about it.  Her excuse was that she was backed into a corner and bullied.

At the same time the media announced that Daniel Kawczynski had accepted 54 million for the same reason.  He then left the ERG and has since been a passionate supporter of May’s deal. Continue reading

Sensation! The Queen cannot sign May’s deal without committing perjury says Frederick Forsyth

In today’s Daily Express, author and journalist Frederick Forsyth says that the Queen is unable to sign May’s “deal” because if she does, she will be committing perjury.

Lord James of Blackheath has made the same point.  The Queen cannot sign the withdrawal agreement because she will be committing perjury, so likely will have to abdicate. Continue reading