The robust reponse of the Bojotron has wrong footed the Kremlin

When the Skripals were discovered practically senseless on a park bench, and the verdict was they had been poisoned by a novichok nerve agent,  the insouciant sneering of the Kremlin made it plain, they didn’t care if everyone knew it was them because nobody would have the guts to do anything about it anyway.

After all, Putin had backed Assad.   Assad is known to have poisoned his own people with sarin gas including children and they got away with that, didn’t they?   The call for sanctions then by our Foreign Secretary was nixed by the G7 and ridiculed by the opposition.  Why should it be any different this time round? Continue reading

Skripals suffering from Novichok or something very similar, says Judge. OPCW decision awaited

The tough line taken by Boris Johnson over Russia has been proved to be completely correct.  Mrs. May went to Brussels yesterday, and the EU is united in backing the British line.  They accept that there can be no explanation other than Russia is responsiible for the Salisury poisoning attack.

This morning, The Times reported:  Russia’s spy networks across Europe were under threat last night as at least five EU countries prepared to follow Britain and expel diplomats in response to the Salisbury poisoning. Continue reading

I’m very worried about the safety of our football fans in Russia says Boris

Our Foreign Secretary is very worried about the safety of any Brit who makes the journey to Moscow to watch the World Cup.  Boris says he believes that Putin will use the World Cup like Hitler did the Olympics – to glorify Russia.  

Ticket sales for the Russian World Cup  from Britain are down by three quarters compared to the Rio World Cup.   Just 24,000 applications for tickets for the tournament had been sent off so far, compared to 94,000 at this stage before the Rio World Cup.  Continue reading

Boris Brexit NHS boost! His Cabinet battle is another win

In a timely and terrific boost for Brexit, a deal is imminent that would mean almost immediate pay increases for NHS workers across the board. The deal is for a stonking 4 billion, payable over 3 years, reported the BBC.

The BBC said:  “More than a million NHS staff, including nurses, porters and paramedics, can expect pay increases of at least 6.5% over three years, the BBC understands. Continue reading

May billed Tories £2,000 for hair and makeup on night of GE disaster

May threw money at Facebook for ads. during the recent ill fated GE campaign.  Both May and Jeremy Corbyn paid millions to Facebook and Google at last year’s snap election despite both vowing to clampdown on the offshore social media giants. 

The Conservatives spent more than four times as much as Labour did on Facebook ads racking up a £2 million bill compared to £577,000 on the controversial social network when fighting the last general election. Continue reading

Fury at May and Davis Brexit betrayal!

The Telegraph shouted:  May accused of Brexit climbdown as UK agrees to free movement in the transition period!   On twitter, Brexiteers screamed  NO.  NO  NO!

Breitbart reports:  David Davis — whose formerly tough pro-Brexit stance seems to have been worn down during his time negotiating in Brussels to a point where he greeted today’s news of another massive capitulation as good news — spoke next and dropped the fisheries bombshell, admitting that not only would Britain not take back control of its fisheries, but that the proportion of fish that UK fishermen are allowed to catch from their own waters under EU laws wouldn’t change through the transition. Continue reading

Bullying Russia stands alone and isolated says Boris

The West has let Putin get away with bad behaviour for way too long.  On Friday, it was revealed that 131 people might have been exposed to Novichok nerve gas.  Boris Johnson explains below why we have to stand up to bullies like the Russians.

In a Sun exclusive, Boris wrote:  On Friday it emerged that 131 innocent people may have been exposed to the Novichok nerve agent. Continue reading