After Olly Robbins’ gaffe, the ERG show May who’s boss

A humiliated Theresa May was defeated again today as her Brexit strategy faced another setback after the influential group of Tory eurosceptics that make up the ERG failed to back her, with most of them abstaining.

The Prime Minister’s main motion asking Parliament to support her in going back to the EU to seek renegotiations on the backstop was voted down by a majority of 45.  May was outflanked by gutsy Brexiteers, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees_Mogg who have tried to play fair but finally wearied of being jerked  around. Continue reading

Has Olly Robbins triggered a St. Valentines Day massacre?

The irritating smirk of Olly Robbins endlessly implying he was pulling the strings was wiped off his chubby dimpled features with a vengeance yesterday.

Relations between Mrs May and her Brexiteers imploded today after  EU envoy Robbins was overheard in a Brussels hotel bragging about May’s tactics. Robbins loudly told companions in a hotel bar that the ‘week beginning end of March’ would be critical, just days before the UK is due to leave the bloc.

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MAY FINISHED. She and her “snake like civil servants” secretly turned down an EU free trade deal

May must now be finished as a politician.  We lost the chance of a free trade deal, reveals James Delingpole, because the PM and her “snake like civil servants” secretly turned it down.This appalling revelation was revealed by Brexiteer Steve Baker.  She and her civil servants wanted a Brexit in name only.  Anyone who follows politics has suspected as much for some time, but the proof is like  blow to the solar plexus.

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Another vote winning suggestion by Boris Johnson – reallocate foreign aid

For years, Boris Johnson has said we should sort out how we handle foreign aid,  because some of the ways it is being spent are downright stupid.  As early as 2011,  in the Daily Telegraph, Boris wrote that it is ridiculous that we are paying aid to countries doing better than us. Some countries like India, have space programmes!

Boris has always said we should reallocate the aid, not cut it, as the Guardian tried to make out today.  When he was Foreign Secretary, the aid we sent to Syria was 2.3 billion, the highest in the world.
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Is this really the way to fight crime says Boris

When Boris was Mayor, crime went down , and there was only one terror attack in 8 years.  So more than anyone, he is entitled to say that right now our government are going the wrong way about it.

Boris begins:   If you have wondered what it takes to get arrested these days then let me tell you about the fate of Kate Scottow, 38, a mother of two from Hitchin in Hertfordshire. On December 1 last year three police officers – three – came to her home and arrested her in front of her kids, one of whom is still a baby.  Continue reading

May is offering a meaningful vote to kill off Brexit

Theresa May has spent the  past two and half years delaying and trying to stamp out Brexit.  To the fury and chagrin of EU Chiefs, the deal that was brilliant for them,  that delivered Britain into their power was hugely rejected in Parliament. 

No Deal looks more and more likely, so May is attempting to wreck Brexit by other means.  Once again she is playing for time.  She is allowing a meaningful vote that aims to get her more time and will take No Deal off the table. Her Cabinet, many of whom pretend to be Brexiteers are traitors to a man.  They are enabling her to destroy Brexit. Continue reading

Clear Brexit plan from John Redwood would satisfy both sides

Panicking Donald Tusk is obviously feeling the strain, as he condemns Brexiteers to hell and says they have never had a plan anyway. John Redwood points out he has always had a plan for when we leave the EU.  Mr. Redwood explains:  

“I have always had a plan on how to do it, I set out very clear plans before the referendum and my plan now is that we should table a comprehensive free trade agreement.   Continue reading