Jeremy Hunt criticises Boris, but hid news that 60,000+ excess deaths in a year on his own watch

The first ex minister to jump to criticise the speed of Boris Johnson’s reaction to Covid-19 was ex Health Minister Jeremy Hunt.  He has some nerve!  He was Health Minister from 2012 to 2018, and his clangers were legion. 

From 2017 to 2018 in England and Wales, winter deaths due to the ‘flu epidemic totalled 60,100, a shocking figure. The Telegraph estimated the deaths at 50,000 plus  Figure later revised to 66,000. “The increase is thought to be down to the flu, the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine in older people and spells of very cold weather last winter.”said the British Medical Journal. Continue reading

PM Boris is beating Captain Hindsight in 8 polls, in spite of the bias of MSM

No-one can deny the challenges facing the government are really tough, but in spite of it all, PM Boris is leading Keir Starmer in all the latest polls.  Starmer has huge support in the media, but it’s not enough. He lacks warmth and conviction.

He has no passion or heart, qualities Boris Johnson has in abundance. Continue reading

Why Boris refuses to join the EU vaccine scheme

PM Boris is well aware that if we join the EU vaccine scheme, a constructive co-operation is the last thing on their minds.  They will simply use it as another way to “punish the UK” for leaving.     The PM is not willing to allow that to happen.

The EU has already tried to force Britain to abandon the successful progress of Oxford University, hardly a positive or proactive move. Continue reading

PM Boris soars ahead of Keir Starmer in latest YouGov poll

In  spite of the massive problems the country is grappling with, and we will still have to cope with for some time, it is Boris Johnson who is pulling ahead in the polls.  The MSM is violently biased, but they are so unpleasant,  that is only benefitting the Tories. 

Decent people sympathise and trust the Tories to handle the economy, not Labour.  Over promoted Anneliese Dodds is a figure of fun, and the unpleasant manner of Starmer himself is hardly winning hearts. Continue reading

PM Boris, Gove and Cummings want Whitehall reform – looks like they’re serious

In January, Dominic Cummings called for major reform of the Civil Service.  On 29th June, Sir Mark Sedwill, announced he will stand down in September,  Former colleagues say he has been smeared by Boris Johnson’s aides over the government’s coronavirus failings.

But it is suspected he blocked changes in Whitehall, even that he tried to fix an open ended extension with the EU, when the PM was deathly ill from coronavirus. Continue reading

Covid 19 deaths in England care homes far lower than in other countries

For all that the left scream at PM Boris over his “mistakes” over care homes, the statistics below give the proportion of deaths in care homes, compared to total Covid deaths.  Amazingly, they  are a bit of an eye opener.

It pays to check everything, because fake news can quickly become established as the real thing. Continue reading

Car crash for Starmer at PMQs, as Boris Johnson calls him Captain Hindsight

In one issue of the Daily Mirror, Editor Kevin Maguire bitterly critised Keir Starmer, calling him sterile and heartless, with no fire in his belly!  To read what happened, click here. That was flattering, considering how Starmer performed in Parliament today!

In today’s PMQs, Starmer proved he is really losing his touch.  He looked jittery and nervous, as he tried to grill PM Boris over care homes. As journo John Rentoul pointed out on twitter, Boris Johnson accepted the Tories were reponsible for privatisation of care homes, and paid a glowing tribute to care home workers, whom he never intended to criticise from the start. Continue reading

Daily Mail says Boris Johnson has a point over poor care in some care homes

Now they have actually thought about it, most newspapers are grudgingly admitting the truth of what Boris Johnson said about care homes.  It was nothing to do with a “blame game”.  As Cherie Blair admitted in a recent interview, there have been serious problems over patient care in care homes for decades.

Now that 84%of care homes are privatised, those problems in some, not all, of care homes are escalating.  But while admitting he was right, most newspapers cannot resist still implying PM Boris was still indulging in a “blame game.” Continue reading

Guardian says 84% of care homes now privately owned, failing patients while charging £1,000s

An article in the Guardian blew the lid off the scandal of care homes, in 2019. Now that article has come back to haunt the lefties desperately trying to dump the blame on PM Boris.

The fees charged by care homes are astronomical.   But nurses are often poorly paid and overworked.  Continue reading

Shocker! Who are the most popular Labour politicians in the Labour party?

You Gov is pretty reliable when it comes to predicting the popularity of British politicians. For example, the Tories are judged best by far to run the economy, Boris and Rishi score 65% and 54%.  Starmer and Anneliese Dodds rate 21% and 10%. 

When it comes to the popularity of Labour politicians, the answers will shock you. The top three are Ed Balls, Sadiq Khan and David Blunkett, (remember him?). They are one, two and three. Continue reading

“Empty vessel” Keir Starmer’s biggest flaw: he has nothing to say

I have said this all along.  Keir Starmer’s biggest flaw is that he has nothing to say.  Under Starmer, Labour has no policy and when grilled on what he actually believes by PM Boris, Keir is acutely uncomfortable.

The Express reports“Sir” Keir Starmer is reshaping the Labour Party after five years of Jeremy Corbyn at the helm – but a new report suggests that the Labour leader’s biggest weakness is his focus on “prosecuting” the Government, rather than spelling out policy.  Continue reading