Alex, what part of No do you not understand? says Boris Johnson

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson asks the question we were all thinking yesterday!  Whaaaaatttt?  We thought Alex Salmond had resigned! We thought we were to be spared his incendiary, troublemaking remarks!SalmondDoc1GTBoris begins:  “Huh? I thought he had resigned. Perhaps someone will correct me, but I had the impression that Alex Salmond lost a historic vote last week. He gave an emotional press conference on Friday morning accepting defeat – and by the evening he was gone. He was off to spend his declining years doing something productive, we gathered, like knitting egg cosies or mastering the Guardian extra-fiendish Sudoku. Continue reading

Ed is to fight the election on “fairness” – who does he think he is fooling?

Ed Miliband declared on SKY News today that he is fighting the election on “Fairness”  Cynical laughter must be echoing the length and breadth of Westminster!Ed Miliband on the campaign trail in Edinburgh, ScotlandEd Miliband is resisting with all his might the concept of English votes for English laws.   He has shown he is prepared to do and say anything to avoid losing 40 Labour MPs in Scotland and 15 MPs in Wales.  According to The Sunday Times today, 6 Labour MPs don’t even agree . Boris Johnson, always a stickler for fairness, has been saying this is wrong since at least 2009.  Ed is prepared to let English people be short changed, to save his own skin, rather than  do the right thing. Continue reading

The way to boost Scotland is to invest in London says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson said in November 2009 in a Daily Telegraph article that the cure for Scotland’s ills was a healthy, wealthy London.  This led to his famous remark that a pound spent in Croydon was worth more than a pound spent in Strathclyde.  (see video below). That article is as relevant today as it was then.  More relevant!   So I give the article below. The link to the Telegraph article is here.borisselfie40Boris begins:  “You know, I think we are reaching the limits of Jock-bashing. It is time that we called a halt to this casual anti-Scottish prejudice, before it gets out of control. Continue reading

YES voters need to accept that “Westminster betrayal” was by Scottish politicians

On twitter, many aggressive YES voters are loud in their protest about “cruel Westminster” that “betrayed and exploited” the Scottish nation.  The major bones of contention are the Iraq War, the way the money for Scottish oil was “squandered on welfare” and the economic crisis, that has caused suffering throughout the UK.  It doesn’t seem to occur to these people that all these problems were created by their own countrymen.  Scots. blairbrownTony Blair was born in  Edinburgh and educated at Fettes, a Scottish school.  Ex Chancellor Gordon Brown is a Scottish icon.  The Blair government had 40 Scottish MPs and 58 English MPs.  The government had at least 8 Scottish Ministers.  Blair, Brown and Darling, Lord Irvine, Donald Dewar, Robin Cook, Gavin Strang and John Reid.   Eton School that YES voters deride was crammed with Scottish lairds, like the Dukes of Argyll and Kintire, several of whom were in the Bullingdon Club. Continue reading

The problems if the YES vote wins, by Channel 4 Factcheck

Channel 4 FactCheck is renowned for its reliability and impartilality as a fact checking service.  Here it lays out the results of a YES vote.  

cartoonsalmondNo-one can know what the results will be, says Factcheck, if there is a yes vote in the 18 September referendum in Scotland.   No-one can know for sure what the long-term economic consequences would be north of the border or in the rest of the UK. Continue reading

David Cameron is right to hunt down the killers of David Haines says Boris

Boris Johnson’s article today in the Daily Telegraph is about Isil, the killers of David Haines.  Boris points out David Cameron is absolutely right to want to use British forces to bring these murderers to justice.davidhaines

Boris begins:  “Suppose you have a little red button on your desk. Imagine that this button were connected by satellite link to some drone or missile that was capable of being fired, within seconds, at the headquarters of the “Islamic State” maniacs in Syria and Iraq. Continue reading

There is a Lion in the House of Commons

Boris Johnson was chosen to represent Uxbridge and South Ruislip last night.  A loud hurray from all his supporters greeted this tremendous news.  There was the usual chuntering from the left before the result was announced, but to my surprise, Lib Dem Simon Hughes’ adviser, Philip Taylor, (@PhilTaylor) was berating Boris for saying he would not do the job of Mayor of London and also become an MP, at the same time.BorisiconAccording to Philip Taylor, this is “an issue”.  I was glad to put Mr. Taylor straight.  Nick Clegg fiddling his expenses as an MEP is an issue, I told him.  Nick Clegg reneging on the coalition agreement over boundary change is an issue.  But the PM, Ed Miliband and their ministers and shadow ministers all do their jobs as well as the job of MP.   Boris Johnson has the brains, energy and determination to make a success of both jobs, and that is all that matters. Continue reading