No London store would prosecute a hungry person for something as small as sandwich: the Guardian article must be fiction

The tweet below from @Jim32Jn at face value, is shocking and appalling to anyone who cares about social justice, which all Tories certainly do – if it were true.  To anyone who has worked in retail, this is a practically impossible scenario. The link to the Guardian article is here.  sandwichlieI worked in retail for a while as a manager, (I worked my way up from the till, in a democratic manner, I hasten to say) so I know that thieves and shoplifters are often not prosecuted, certainly not for something as small as a sandwich.  This is not only because the courts are crowded.  On the grounds of humanity, no store would ever do this.  The store where I worked gave large amounts of food to the homeless every night.  They would never prosecute a hungry person. Continue reading

Why the ferny fronds of the Green Party are strangling Nick Clegg

After beating the Lib Dems in the European elections, the Green Party, dubbed the loopiest party in politics, has gained three points to edge past the LibDems in the polls.  The LibDems are on 7%, the Greens now on 8%, a definite Green resurgence.poisonivyIt is fair comment to say that the most impractical of all the parties is the Green Party.  As Boris Johnson says, they don’t have an aviation policy.  Their knowledge of economics is so sketchy that when listenng to their plans, the blood drains from his cheeks.   The tenancy of their one MP at Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, has been,  to put it kindly, a mixed blessing. Continue reading

What’s not to like? The proposed TTIP is a sensational opportunity, says Boris

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson’s latest article is about a deal with the US that would have had Churchill beaming.   It will bring Britain and Europe closer to America. The idea, says Boris,  is to create a gigantic free-trade zone between the EU and the US, or a TTIP – a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. It is sometimes referred to as the “Tafta” – the Transatlantic Free Trade Area.J104162401He begins:  “In April 1955, the 80-year-old Winston Churchill held his last Cabinet meeting before going to offer his resignation to the Queen. He had two insights he wanted to get over. “Man is spirit,” he told his ministers, and: “Never be separated from the Americans.” Continue reading

On #bbcsp, Unite member Pilgrim Tucker blatantly fibs about the cause of the housing crisis

On BBC Sunday Politics today, a member of the union Unite, Pilgrim Tucker, was making sweeping, unfounded accusations that Boris Johnson is selling off London land cheaply to his mates!  Where is her evidence for this?jamescleverlyTim Donovan pointed out that at a time of huge economic difficult, it is unlikely that builders will be building loads of homes anyway.  . James Cleverly refuted everything.  The accusation that homes are being sold off to foreign investors or that the fault for the housing crisis is down to the Tories, or that Boris Johnson has built insufficient homes.  Housing built in Boris’s first term was 55,000, a record, but nobody can catch up  on 13 years of Blair/Brown negligence. Continue reading

Another bad poll for UKIP – oddballs and wackos says YouGov

To hear Nigel Farage talk, UKIP is the voice of reason, the peoples’ party, admired and trusted.  What a shock then to find out what people really think. Once again, a YouGov polling result hits the party like a douche of cold water.  It looks like UKIP has a lot of work to do to establish more trust. .UKIPpolling1The poll reveals hardly anyone agrees that UKIP is more trusted than the main parties, their members are regarded as oddballs, and they are a protest party, with no realistic policies.

Sounds about right!

Shock poll reveals Boris Johnson considered much better for politics than Nigel Farage says YouGov

A recent poll shows that far more people consider Boris Johnson will be good for politics  when he returns as an MP than Nigel Farage, says YouGov.  Public response regarding Boris Johnson’s return was overwhelmingly positive, 43% believe he will be a force for good,  onlt 24% do not.  boriscaringUnfortunately, that is not case regarding Nigel Farage.  More people, 41%,  think he will have a bad influence on politics than good! (only 33%).  See poll below.borisfarage Continue reading

When will the Kardashians realise they have control issues?

Boris Johnson’s kids are fascinated by the Kardashians, revealed the Mayor in an an interview with the Radio Times.  He doesn’t get it, because the Kardashians, the subject of a famous US reality show  are only famous for being famous.  I hardly ever watch the show but for anyone who hasn’t heard of them, this is my take on the Kardashians.kimbootie2Mum Kris and step-dad Bruce are the parents of a beautiful set of kids and they all feature in a reality show of their lives on US TV.

Daughter Kim, the most beautiful of the daughters, has a fantastic bootie.  The scuttlebutt  (ha!)  is that she has had derriere implants.  Kim is married to superstar singer Kanye West.  Kanye is very controlling and obsessively concerned with Kim’s looks, particularly if she gains weight. Continue reading