Feminist tee shirt stunt backfires on Harman, Clegg, Miliband and ELLE

A stonking 66% of voters say David Cameron made the right decision not to wear the ELLE “This is what a feminist looks like” tee shirt. Harriet Harman, who tried to taunt David Cameron over the slogan, was the one who ended up with egg on her face.  Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg wore the tee shirt and looked perfectly ridiculous. Only 14% thought the PM was wrong.feministteeLorraine Candy, editor of ELLE magazie, who ran the stunt, has only made her magazine look trivial and out of touch with politics.  Send a copy of the picture to ISIS, Lorraine, I’m sure they will appreciate it. Continue reading

Badass Frankie Boyle flattens Nigel Farage on twitter

It’s a brave man who takes on Frankie Boyle, and Nigel Farage was licking his wounds after a recent knockout twitter interchange.  It started because of a tweet by right wing comedian Andrew Lawrence.frankieboyle
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The truth about immigration, from respected Channel 4 FactCheck

The first point made by Channel 4 FactCheck is that 10 EU states have more immigration than the UK.   FactCheck says:  “Britain has a higher proportion of non-nationals than most European countries. But 10 EU states including Germany, Spain, Austria and Ireland have higher percentages: (graph: Eurostat)”immigrationIn 2004 eight new countries joined the EU: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Continue reading

Loony lefties are offering us the nihilism of Heath Leger’s Joker

Socialism has failed.  The Labour Party is in tatters, after the disaster of Ed Miliband’s conference speech. Ed “forgot” to include the sections on the economy and immigration, the two most vital issues this country is facing.  JokerThe truth is, Labour has no solutions. So the loony left, led by the BBC and the Guardian, is trying to take over.Under the Tories, good progress has been made on reforming welfare,  restoring school standards and redressing the balance between the over-powerful public sector and desperately struggling private industry. Boris Johnson has performed wonders in boosting the London economy and reviving the London jobs market.  London is the leading  financial centre in the world.  But the national debt is still a huge cause for concern.  Whoever wins next year, austerity must deepen. Continue reading

The rise of Brandy Wandy signals the end for Silly Mili says Boris

Boris Johnson has outdone himself this week!  His latest Daily Telegraph article is all about two leading lefty figures, Ed Miliband and Russell Brand.russellbrand3Boris begins:  “Oh dear, what a fusillade of hatred against poor old Brandy Wandy. I have before me a slew of Sunday papers and in almost all there is a broadside against Russell Brand, the crinkle-tressed comedian. Commentators from Left and Right denounce him as a prancing, prinking, pompadoured popinjay; a know-nothing narcissist and Beverly Hills Buddhist who indulges in Dave Spart-like rants against capitalism while cheerfully admitting that he “can’t get his head around economics”. Continue reading

No London store would prosecute a hungry person for something as small as sandwich: the Guardian article must be fiction

The tweet below from @Jim32Jn at face value, is shocking and appalling to anyone who cares about social justice, which all Tories certainly do – if it were true.  To anyone who has worked in retail, this is a practically impossible scenario. The link to the Guardian article is here.  sandwichlieI worked in retail for a while as a manager, (I worked my way up from the till, in a democratic manner, I hasten to say) so I know that thieves and shoplifters are often not prosecuted, certainly not for something as small as a sandwich.  This is not only because the courts are crowded.  On the grounds of humanity, no store would ever do this.  The store where I worked gave large amounts of food to the homeless every night.  They would never prosecute a hungry person. Continue reading

Why the ferny fronds of the Green Party are strangling Nick Clegg

After beating the Lib Dems in the European elections, the Green Party, dubbed the loopiest party in politics, has gained three points to edge past the LibDems in the polls.  The LibDems are on 7%, the Greens now on 8%, a definite Green resurgence.poisonivyIt is fair comment to say that the most impractical of all the parties is the Green Party.  As Boris Johnson says, they don’t have an aviation policy.  Their knowledge of economics is so sketchy that when listening to their plans, the blood drains from his cheeks.   The tenancy of their one MP at Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, has been,  to put it kindly, a mixed blessing. Continue reading