Is big, bad Boris really selling off London to absent foreign investors?” The truth from Channel 4 Fact Check

Emotional articles from lefty voters are perpetuating  a belief dear to Labour and the left wing faction of the London Assembly.  Boris Johnson is selling off London to absentee foreign investors!  Bad Boris!  Bad bad baby!  The billions of foreign investment gained for London by our resourceful Mayor on successful trade missions are also regarded with horror by the Labour Party.  What did Boris have to go out and do that that for?   Why didn’t he do what Ken did, spend like Croesus and throw tens of millions of Londoners’ money away?luxurypropertyThe value of the foreign investment earned by Boris Johnson was explained in an article in CityAM by Allister Heath here.

The ultra reliable research team of Channel 4 Fact Check analysed the facts to see how true it is, if at all,  that Boris is selling off London.   The Fact Check report is here.

Fact Check investigate the claim that “ the capital is now home to hundreds of mansions left to rot by investors who are only interested in trading properties as assets, not living in them as homes. Continue reading

Insensitive Ed Miliband surpasses himself. He wants to put Doreen Lawrence in charge of the police

Insensitive Ed Miliband has surpassed himself this time!  Only someone as unimaginative, robotic and obsessed with pc correctness as Ed would drop a clanger like this.  He wants to put Baroness  Lawrence in charge of the police.eddoreenEd’s latest idea for the Labour candidate for Mayor of London is Baroness Doreen Lawrence.  Mrs. Lawrence is renowned for her dignity and strength of character in bearing terrible tragedy.  She justifiably won the title of Woman of the Year. Continue reading

Nigel Farage’s expenses are worse than Maria Miller’s

I would be the last to deny that Nigel Farage has certain good qualities.  He is an excellent and amusing communicator.  He is an clever tv debater, his victory over Nick Clegg boosted his reputation.  His views on the EU are genuine.  He has a City background, so understands the economy.  He is a man of the people, a patriot, who defends this country, probably fun to meet for a drink. These are good qualities.NigelFarage5 But for Nigel to say Maria Miller has not been punished enough is wrong.  He cannot present himself as a white knight fighting  corruption in Parliament, because his own expenses record is far worse than Mrs. Miller’s.

As mentioned by Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics show yesterday, in 2009, Nigel  Farage boasted that his expenses as an MEP have totalled nearly £2 million in ten years. Not only was it stupid to boast, it was dreadful to take the money. Continue reading

Green causes are failing for one reason alone – the attitude of Green activists

Green activists may know a lot about green issues and their solution, but their sales and persuasion techniques are appalling. Any progress that has been made, the Boris bikes, more people cycling, a cleaner, greener new bus, the promise of a free emissions zone, has been made in spite of, not because of their efforts.borisexplainingJordan Belfort has written a booklet called Sales & Persuasion from the Wolf of Wall Street.  The book gives the 4 levels of learning and all Greens are at Level 1, at the lowest level, right at the bottom.

Unconscious Incompetence.  Your confidence exceeds your abilities.  You are blissfully ignorant and have a lack of knowledge and skills of the subject in question.” Continue reading

Gritty fighter makes history – congratulations Sajid Javid

This week straight talking superbrain Sajid Javid made history as the first Muslim MP to get a top job on the Tory front bench, replacing Maria Miller.  Mr. Javid’s meteorite rise began as one of five sons on a notorious inner-city council estate.sajidjavid2He shared a bedroom with three other members of his family and they lived in Stapleton Road, recently described as ‘Britain’s worst street, a lawless hellhole where murder, rape, shootings, drug-pushing, prostitution, knifings and violent robbery are commonplace’. Continue reading

The arch liar and fiddler whom the Daily Express say Boris should sponsor in the Marathon wants to run for Mayor

Labour Mayoral wannabee Sadiq Khan is neither as funny or as clued up as he thinks he is.  He insulted Sir Eddie Lister, wrongly blaming him for legally claiming £24,000 in expenses that were mostly air fares.    Sir Eddie has been in involved in trade missions with Boris that resulted in billions of investment for London.sadiqkhanHypocritical Mr. Khan has been in trouble over his own expenses three times.  The three amounts he had to repay each time are on this link.  He has also had the nerve to attack Maria Miller. Continue reading

Sympathy for hunted Miller, but Boris also said “Nemo iudex in causa sui”

To the open mouthed astonishment of the furious populace, Boris johnson expressed sympathy for Maria Miller on Radio 4, whom he believes is being “hunted”  However, he also said “Nemo iudix in causa sui.”borisnoble

The literal translation of this is “Nobody should judge their own cause.” On radio 4 today, the Mayor called for an ethical independent inquiry.  Boris obviously knows more than we know, he was reported in the Standard as saying “She is staying.”

On an IITV video, Boris had this to say: Click here for ITV video.

“We need an independent arbitrator in this matter”, said the Mayor.

Once again, people are falling into the same trap.  It happens every time.  They latch on to one part of what Boris says, ignore the rest, and scream blue murder.  With the Mayor, it is always a big mistake to do that.  His comments have to be taken as a whole.