How Boris cut Nigel Farage and UKIP off at the kneecaps

Boris Johnson has done David Cameron and the Tories, and indeed, Labour a huge favour.  Because frankly the bragging, boasting and preening of Nigel Farage was getting unbearable.  His constant lectures to the three main party leaders showed he believed he knew it all.  During the Scottish Referendum, he had the nerve to demand that David Cameron resign if the YES vote won.borissteps

So febrile were Nigel’s fantasies,  he clearly saw himself as the new Cleggie, the power behind the throne, the kingmaker, one step from an audience with the Queen.  The truth is that UKIP haven’t won one seat in the House of Commons in 21 years.  Humiliatingly, their donor, Stewart Wheeler, has made it plain he would dump Nige in a heartbeat if Boris Johnson became Tory leader.  Nigel ignores all this.  His good opinion of himself is firmly entrenched and he is a legend in his own mind. Continue reading

The Bow Group sidesteps Tory high command to launch a manifesto with Boris Johnson

As reported in CityAm today, the prestigious think tank,  the Bow Group, set up  in 1951, has bypassed the Tory conference to launch a manifesto with Boris Johnson.  The Group counts ex-Cabinet Minister Geoffrey  Howe as one of its members and Sir John Major as its President.The Bow Group is concerned that the Tory Conference is now “a corporate venue for press and lobbyists” rather than “a genuine forum for conservatism and Conservative party members”.boristimes3CityAm said:  “Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney said many politicians including MEP Daniel Hannan would be “noticeably absent” this year and “that must give the party and broader conservative movement pause for concern and review”. Continue reading

Forget UKIP, says Boris. This is the time to unite and fight for what we believe in

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson tackles the question of why some Tories are jumping into the void!  Two Tory MPs have defected to UKIP!  Boris clearly sets out why this is a major mistake.borishair3Boris begins:  “I can’t quite believe it is really true, but according to the weekend papers there is a small queue of Tory MPs and MEPs who are on the verge of Recklessly joining another party. There are two or three, we are told, who are lining up on the parapet – ready to hurl themselves into the void.

Their eyes are bulging; their palms are clammy; behind them they can hear the sweet and beery enchantments of Nigel Farage. They genuinely seem to believe that they will be doing the right thing by their country, by their family and, above all, by themselves if they step off the edge and into the abyss.

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Certain politicians are psychopaths, say psychologists. Is Boris right about Blair?

Controversially, Boris Johnson has repeated his view that Tony Blair needs professional psychiatric help.  Shocking though this may be, it is in line with the view of many respected psychologists. A late night programme on Channel 4 recently on What Makes a Psychopath, listed the likely occupations of psychopaths.  Successful businessmen, surgeons and politicians were the top three on the list.BlairselfiePsychopathy is a psychological condition based on well-established diagnostic criteria.   These include:

  •  lack of remorse and empathy
  • a sense of grandiosity
  • superficial charm
  • conning and manipulative behavior
  • refusal to take responsibility for one’s actions,

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Ed Miliband’s appalling conference speech is taken apart by Andrew Neil

Ed Miliband’s appalling conference speech, lazy,  sentimental, impractical, was taken apart by the forensic analysis of Andrew Neil late last night on BBC2. In a Freudian slip, he forgot to mention  the deficit and plans to tackle immigration from his keynote conference speech.  The Labour leader left out a warning that “there won’t be money to spend after the next election”. He also failed to include a section on immigration which said that those coming to Britain must “learn English and earn their way”.edconference2Ed’s plan on a Mansion Tax immediately hit the buffers, as Andrew Neil pointed out to Andy Burnham there was a huge difficulty over the valuation of properties costing £2M+.  Andy said the value of every property was recorded at the  Land Registry.  When Neil said the only figures with the Land Registry were the selling prices of properties, and  the value of any property could have hugely risen from that.  a stuttering, redfaced Burnham had no comeback. Continue reading

Alex, what part of No do you not understand? says Boris Johnson

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson asks the question we were all thinking yesterday!  Whaaaaatttt?  We thought Alex Salmond had resigned! We thought we were to be spared his incendiary, troublemaking remarks!SalmondDoc1GTBoris begins:  “Huh? I thought he had resigned. Perhaps someone will correct me, but I had the impression that Alex Salmond lost a historic vote last week. He gave an emotional press conference on Friday morning accepting defeat – and by the evening he was gone. He was off to spend his declining years doing something productive, we gathered, like knitting egg cosies or mastering the Guardian extra-fiendish Sudoku. Continue reading

Ed is to fight the election on “fairness” – who does he think he is fooling?

Ed Miliband declared on SKY News today that he is fighting the election on “Fairness”  Cynical laughter must be echoing the length and breadth of Westminster!Ed Miliband on the campaign trail in Edinburgh, ScotlandEd Miliband is resisting with all his might the concept of English votes for English laws.   He has shown he is prepared to do and say anything to avoid losing 40 Labour MPs in Scotland and 15 MPs in Wales.  According to The Sunday Times today, 6 Labour MPs don’t even agree . Boris Johnson, always a stickler for fairness, has been saying this is wrong since at least 2009.  Ed is prepared to let English people be short changed, to save his own skin, rather than  do the right thing. Continue reading