Ed Miliband’s pictures and photo-ops are the best thing in his political programe, says Boris Johnson

The outstanding issue this week is the comments of Ed Miliband on image politics.  Ed has a dreadful public image, but he insists it is substance and policy that count.  Boris Johnson analyses Ed’s comments in his latest Daily Telegraph article.edsinisterBoris begins:  “By ’eck Wallace, is that it? Is that the best you can do? A few days ago, the Labour leader gave a widely publicised speech in which he lamented the modern political obsession with image rather than substance. It was all so wrong and annoying, he said. People focused on how you looked when you were eating a bacon butty or whether you bore a resemblance to a Plasticine animated character – when what the public wanted, said Ed Miliband, was ideas; first, last, always – ideas, policies, programmes and hard-edged initiatives.

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Empty vessel Ed Miliband is going to be unblocked

A speech from Ed Miliband that image doesn’t matter sounded pretty silly because voters know he paid David Axelrod a six figure sum to yes, update his image. But the whole plan was dealt a death blow by a report today that Ed is not only hiring a voice coach, he is employing Paul Jamieson, a theatre producer, who claims to “unblock” his clients to harness their leadership powers.edsneerMr. Jamieson helps people to “lose their ego”,  (he will have his hands full with Ed’s superior intellect) and has a proven track record in helping bankers and businessmen get their message across.

Today The Sunday Times reported that Ed had called in an autism expert.

The Mail on Sunday also reports: “It has also emerged that Ed Miliband has turned to one of the world’s leading experts on autism, to advise him how to attain “political empathy” with voters. Continue reading

How Tony Blair was too weak to prevent Brown from ruining the British economy

Apart  from the Iraq War, the damage to our literacy, which plummeted from 7th in the world, to 26th, lower than Estonia, and the fact that he caused the present housing crisis, Tony Blair also ruined the British economy, by giving Gordon Brown his head.BlairandBrownSo weak was Blair in his dealings with Brown, the Chancellor was allowed to keep all his financial decisions secret from the PM and his office, and do whatever he liked.  What a ludicrous way for any government to operate. Continue reading

Dogs are dying because shops and PO ferries insist they are left in cars in hot weather

Because of the unbending rules of shops and ferries, dogs are dying because their owners are being forced to leave them in locked up cars.  Shop owners are making no allowance for the lethally hot weather. Five dogs died because they were not allowed into the Walmart in Alabama.dogsdieOn a trip from Calais to Dover, a dog died from overheating because P& O ferries refused to let the poor dog on deck. Continue reading

Labour have the Eagle sisters, the Tories get Esther McVey

The Labour Party is so lucky to have the Eagle sisters in their Shadow Cabinet.  They are formidable and experienced.   Angela Eagle has worked at the Treasury and is now Shadow Leader of the House of Commons.  Her sister Maria is Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment.  They are both all business.  Regardless of womens’ short lists, they clearly hold down their jobs on merit.esthermcveyWe get Esther “bubblehead” McVey.   Margaret Thatcher knew the importance of looking good and spent time and trouble on her appearance, but nobody ever doubted that her overwhelming focus was on the job.  Her regal beauty enhanced her intellect and emphasised her determination, not the other way around. Continue reading

British Imams condemn ISIS in online video.

The BBC has reported that British Imams oppose ISIS.  so much so that they have got together to put out an online video .

Over 100 Imams have come together to emphasise the important of unity, that nothing must jeopardise.  They all condemn ISIS, as a dangerous, unfeeling terrorist organisation, they are barbaric savages, who have nothing to do with the beliefs of ordinary British Muslims. Continue reading

This is Putin’s War says Boris Johnson

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson discusses the subj ect of  the MH17 that was shot down, and the role of Putin, and Russia. He lays the blame for the tragedy firmly at the door of the USSR.Putin2

Boris begins:  “On the morning of July 3 1988, a passenger jet was taking off from the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. It was an Airbus A300 operated by Iran Air, and on board were 290 people including 66 children. They were about to make a routine flight to Dubai, where many of them intended to have a holiday – Iran being a bit miserable at that time, since it was the middle of the Iran-Iraq war. At 10.17am, the plane left the Tarmac and began to climb to 14,000 feet for the 28-minute flight. They took an entirely predictable route. They turned on their transponder – in accordance with normal practice – so that it emitted a “squawk code” identifying the aircraft as civilian. The crew was experienced, and at all times maintained communication, in English, with air traffic control. Continue reading